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Shop GRL and Ship to Singapore! Get high-quality and affordable Japanese fashion with Sakura Girls!

16th May 2024
櫻花妹都在買!超高質平價日系女裝GRL 3000日圓以內入手 內附詳細網購教學

If you want to become a Japanese-style fashionista, you must know about GRL, a well-known online platform for women’s clothing in Japan! GRL offers a variety of clothing styles, whether you want to go for a sweet and girly look, a sophisticated and mature style, or a trendy and edgy vibe. The best part is that their clothing offers excellent value for money, with each item averaging only a few thousand yen. You can buy Japanese branded fashion for just a few hundred yen, making it super affordable! GRL updates their website quickly, with new arrivals almost every week, and they often have discount promotions. Plus, their styles are less likely to be seen everywhere on the streets, so if you want to add new clothes to your wardrobe each season, you definitely need to check them out!

💡 To purchase from GRL, you will need to use an American Express credit card (AE Card) for payment. Or you can use Buyandship proxy shopping service to get your desired products from the official website, with 0% service fee* for Japan proxy shopping. It’s a cost-effective and convenient way to get the products you love!

Popular GRL Items

GRL 透視防曬襯衫

GRL Translucent Sun Protection Shirt

This shirt is designed with lightweight and breathable fabric, offering a sexy and elegant look. It can be layered with other outfits to enhance your fashion sense and is also suitable as a sun protection garment for the summer. It’s practical and versatile! It comes in 11 colours, and each piece is only S$14. You can even mix and match different colours!

JP Price:S$14(JPY1,599

GRL 吊帶魚尾連衣裙

GRL Strappy Mermaid Dress

The mermaid cut of this dress showcases graceful curves, and the elastic band design on the back helps to create a flattering silhouette. You can wear it on its own with a simple jacket or layer it with a top underneath. It offers a variety of styles!

JP Price:S$21(JPY2,399)

GRL 前後兩穿針織背心

GRL 2-way Knitted Vest

This top features both a square neckline and a round neckline. It is made of a blended cotton material that is knitted, providing a good touch and elasticity for comfortable wear. Its minimalist design makes it suitable for pairing with different styles.

JP Price:S$10(JPY1,099)

GRL 前開拉鍊短款針織開衫

GRL Front-Zip Short Knitted Cardigan

This fashionable short knitted cardigan is suitable for pairing with any bottom garment. The front zipper adds a cool and stylish touch, and when unzipped at the bottom, it reveals a little bit of the waist, elongating the proportion of the waist and legs for a sexy and fashionable look!

JP Price:S$15(JPY1,699)

GRL 薄紗拼接法式A字裙

GRL Sheer Paneled French A-line Skirt

The asymmetrical sheer skirt panels give a flowing and elegant look, adding a touch of fashion. The elastic band design at the back waist ensures comfortable and unrestricted wear while also flattering the figure.

JP Price:S$24(JPY2,799)

Note: Product prices, quantities, etc., may change due to sales conditions. Please refer to the official website for the most accurate information. The copyright of product images belongs to their respective online stores.

GRL Online Shopping and Shipping Guide

Step 1

Go to the GRL official website and choose the desired products. Select the style or color of the items and add them to your shopping cart or click on “Buy Now”.

日本GRL女裝網店網購教學1 -前往日本官網

日本GRL女裝網店網購教學2 - 選擇產品加入購物車

Step 2

After selecting the products, click on the shopping cart icon located in the upper right corner. Review your order and click on “Proceed to Checkout” to proceed to the next page.

Step 3

GRL requires registration as a member to make a purchase. If this is your first time purchasing from GRL, please click on “New Member Registration” on the right side.

Step 4

Enter the required personal information. For the “フリガナ” (Japanese Katakana) field, you can go to the Japanese Name Converter and enter your name. Click on “Convert” to obtain your corresponding Japanese Katakana.

Step 5

Fill in the shipping information. Open the Buyandship website and go to the “Overseas Warehouse Address” section, select “Japan” to view the information for Buyandship’s warehouse in Japan.

日本GRL女裝網店網購教學6 - 確認訂單資料

Step 6

Verify the address and personal information, check the terms and conditions, and then click on the “Register” button on the right to complete the registration. After registration, click on “Return to Cart” to proceed with the payment.

Step 7

Once you are back in the shopping cart, make sure the contents are correct. Choose “Change Payment Method” and then select to pay with a credit card.

💡 Tip: Based on our testing, only AE Credit Card has the highest success rate for payment.

日本GRL女裝網店網購教學7 - 通過AE信用卡支付

Step 8

Enter your credit card information to complete the payment. After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email. Remember to promptly declare the shipment on the Buyandship website!

GRL Proxy Shopping Guide

Step 1

Go to Buyandship website to log in or register as a member.

Step 2

Go to the Proxy Shopping page and click the “Place Order” button to create an order.

Step 3

After selecting corresponding warehouse, click on “Request An Item.”

Step 4

In the pop-up section on the right, provide accurate information such as the product page URL, product description, product image, and other details.

Within one order, you can add up to 10 items from the same online store. (If the items are from different websites, you will need to submit a new order.)

Simply copy and paste the product information displayed on the shopping website. (If the original product description is in Korean, please copy the Korean content as the product data.)

Then click “Next.”

Step 5

After filling in the product details, click “Save” to complete the ordering process. Wait patiently for us to confirm your order and arrange for payment. Once that is done, your ordering process will be complete!