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Why use Proxy shopping services?

Hassle-free Payment and Shipping

Overseas online stores refuse your credit cards? No time to do the shopping? We can handle it all for you. You only need to pay us with your credit card and wait for the products to arrive.

Borderless Shopping with More Choices in Less Time

Even if you don't understand foreign languages ​​such as Japanese and Korean, you can buy various overseas products just by placing an order with us. We can complete the entire process for you, including dealing with overseas stores, making payments and arranging shipping.
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What Buyandship Provides

No service fee for Japan requests

Order fees mainly consist of product fees and service fee. The shipping fee will be separately calculated and collected during the shipping process.

Guaranteed Shipment Protection

All shipments are protected against damage/loss, allowing you to shop worry-free.

Cross-regional consolidation

Save your money by consolidating multiple shipments from different regions into one single order to ship.

Our Members' Favorite Stores

3 Simple Steps to Place Order

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