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【Exclusive】Buyandship x Rakuten Japan offering ¥1000 Coupon to New Users For FREE!

20th November 2023

Rakuten Japan (www.rakuten.co.jp), an online mega-marketplace from Japan, provides over 50,000 Japanese merchants with over 10 million Japan products, with much cheaper prices compared to local prices in Singapore!

For Black Friday on Rakuten, Buyandship is offering an exclusive ¥1000 coupon for first-time shoppers on Rakuten Japan. Check our tutorial on how to register, shop, and get the coupon in Rakuten Japan, also our must-buy list in ¥1000!

Table of Contents:
Buyandship x Rakuten Japan Exclusive Coupon Details
Must-Buy Items from Rakuten Japan in¥1000
Rakuten Japan Registration Tutorial
Rakuten Shopping Tutorial
Terms and Conditions

Buyandship x Rakuten Japan Exclusive Coupon Details

OfferPromotion Details
Promotion TypeRakuten Japan Shopping Coupon for New User
Validity Period2023/11/21 00:00 ~ 2023/11/27 23:59 (JST)
*Please be noted that it’s in Japan time, which is one hour faster than Singapore.
DiscountJPY1000 Off a single order of JPY1000 or above
Applicable ShopsOver 50,000 shops on Rakuten Japan
Terms and ConditionsLimited to the first 2000 eligible orders on a first-come-first-served basis.
Exclusively for members who haven’t made any purchases on Rakuten Japan.

1 time use per Rakuten Japan new User
Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons
Coupons are only valid for Rakuten Japan orders shipped to Buyandship’s Japanese warehouse address.
Get CouponClick: https://bns.is/3QVR6Va

Must-Buy Items from Rakuten Japan in¥1000

QUALITY 1ST - Vitamin C EX All in One Sheet Mask

QUALITY 1ST – Vitamin C EX All in One Sheet Mask

An iconic mask brand with over 20M units sold! Packed with five types of high-concentration vitamin C, potent niacinamide, and selected collagen for ultimate brightening.

Dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin, targets pores, dryness, dullness, texture, and elasticity perfectly!

JP Price:S$9.38 (JPY1,045)



Get into the forefront of Japanese Fashion in 1000 Yen!

BEAMS JAPAN collaborates with the Pottery City Toki, Gifu to create these sushi tea cups with the signature logo of BEAMS, blending traditional aesthetics with trendy innovation. Now available in the classic red and navy blue!

SG Price:S$16

JP Price:S$9.87 (JPY1100)

CANMAKE - Silky Souffle Eyes M06

CANMAKE – Silky Souffle Eyes M06

Try the Makeup Brand beloved by Tokyo Budget-savvy gals! Among all of their best-selling eyeshadow palettes, We recommend the Sliky Souffle Eyes with 3 matte shades and 1 glitter.

Besides the sophisticated Lima Greige, there are 10 more options in either chic or sweet styles!

SG Price:S$19.10

JP Price:S$7.41 (JPY825)

ZOOLAND - 100% Cotton Kids T-shirt

ZOOLAND – 100% Cotton Kids T-shirt

As the top-selling kids’ brand on Rakuten, Zooland’s finest quality and cute designs are trusted by numerous moms.

This hand-drawn style T-shirt creatively interprets classic Japanese folk tales featuring the mighty cat Kintaro and a dinosaur version of Momotaro. Available in sizes 80-100, perfect for different ages!

Not available in Singapore.

JP Price:S$10.86 (JPY1,210)

AKOYA PEARL - Saltwater Pearl Necklace

AKOYA PEARL – Saltwater Pearl Necklace

Originating from the Uwa Sea, Akoya Pearls are famous saltwater pearls that are more precious than freshwater pearls!

With a delicate size of 5.0-5.5mm, these pearls offer simplicity with elegance, suitable for various occasions. As they are naturally formed without artificial coating, each pearl possesses a unique and natural hue.

Not available in Singapore.

JP Price:S$8.98 (JPY1,000)

DRIP COFFEE FACTORY - Assorted Drip Bag Set 3⤫5 Cups

DRIP COFFEE FACTORY – Assorted Drip Bag Set 3×5 Cups

The selected coffee beans from Ethiopia, Brazil, Vietnam, and more, have created 3 styles of medium-roasted house blends – the Classic Blend, the Mocha Blend, and the Gold Blend, each differed in aroma, acidity, and bitterness.

Not available in Singapore.

JP Price:S$8.98 (JPY1,000) / 15 packs

Ebisoba Ichigen - Shrimp & Miso/Shrimp & Salt Ramen 5 meals

Ebisoba Ichigen – Shrimp & Miso/Shrimp & Salt Ramen 5 meals

The rich and creamy sweet shrimp soup of the best ramen in Sapporo always captivates locals and global travelers alike!

This 5-meal set includes two of their signatures – 3 packs of Shrimp&Miso and 2 packs of Shrimp&Salt Ramen, allowing you to taste authentic Japanese ramen at home!

Not available in Singapore.

JP PriceS$9.70(JPY1,080

OH! Sakana -  Popular 3 bag Almomd Dried Fish Set

OH! Sakana –  Popular 3 bag Almomd Dried Fish Set

Each pack (100 g) contains about 800mg of calcium and nutrients that are beneficial to the human body, such as protein and dietary fibre.

In this assorted package, you can find sesame, shrimp&seaweed, and cheese&sakura flavor, there is always one, or three that suits you!

Not available in Singapore.

JP Price:S$8.98/3 packs(JPY1,000~JPY1440)

ROYCE -  Potatochip Chocolate "Original" 190g

ROYCE – Potatochip Chocolate “Original” 190g

The unique confection of the renowned chocolate brand combines light, crispy potato chips with a melty milk chocolate coating on one side, achieving an addictive balance of sweetness and saltiness!

SG Price:S$16

JP Price:S$7.76 (JPY864)

Imabari Towel - 60x120 hotel bath towel

Imabari Towel – 60×120 hotel bath towel

“Imabari Towels” refers to high-quality towels produced in Imabari City, Japan. Towels that pass 12 inspections receive the “imabari towel Japan” certification, known for their softness and favored by consumers.

You can own a hotel-grade bath towel for 1000 yen, which is also available in various sizes and thicknesses!

SG Price:S$24.2

JP Price:S$12.39 (JPY1,380)

How to register as a Rakuten member?

Step 1: Visit the Registered as a Rakuten member page, and click the red button to create a new membership. You can choose “English” in the top right corner.

Rakuten registration tutorial 1-Create new membership
Rakuten registration tutorial 2-Enter user information

Step 2: Enter the user information. Please fill in an email address that is frequently used to make it easier to check the order update.

Step 3: Please enter your real name. Your Buyandship user ID will be added in the later stage.

Click “Next Step” after you complete filling in all the information.

Rakuten registration tutorial 2-fill in your real name
Rakuten registration tutorial 4-Confirm all user information

Step 4: Click “Register Rakuten Membership” after you confirm all the information is correct.

Step 5: Click “Continue using services”.

Your registration is not completed yet at this stage. Follow below steps to avoid getting banned.

Rakuten registration tutorial 5-Complete user registration

Rakuten Member Registration Tutorial 6: back to Rakuten homepage and visit member information

Step 6:Go back to Rakuten’s homepage, and click “Member Information” to access your Rakuten account.

Click “Registration/Confirmation/Change of Member Information” to change your address.

Step 7:Click “Personal Information”.

Rakuten Member Registration Tutorial 7: click on personal information to edit
Rakuten Member Registration Tutorial 8: add personal address to your Rakuten account

Step 8:Click “Address and Contact”, then “Add Address” to add your personal address.

Step 9:Fill in your country of residence and personal address (NOT Japan address!). Click “Add” to save and proceed.

Rakuten Member Registration Tutorial 9: fill in your country of residence and personal address
Rakuten Member Registration Tutorial 10: add Buyandship's Japan warehouse into your address book

Step 10:Once you’ve completed registration and added your personal address, click this link here and add Buyandship’s Japan warehouse address into the address book.

Step 11:Fill in delivery address. Go to the “Overseas Warehouse Address” on your Buyandship member centre and select “Japan” to view the information of Buyandship’s Japan warehouse.

Don’t forget to include your Buyandship member ID with your name!

Rakuten Member Registration Tutorial 11: fill in Buyandship's Japan warehouse address and save

How to shop from Rakuten?

Step 1: Visit Buyandship Website and register a new account. If you already have an account, please log in directly.

Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 1-Visit Buyandship website
Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 2-Login or signup Buyandship's membership

Step 2: If you need to sign up, please fill in your name, email and password. Click “Sign Up” after completion, and verify your phone number and email.

Step 3: Visit Rakuten Japan, choose your famous items and add those items to the cart. Or, just place an order directly by clicking the right button.

Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 3-Visit and shop Rakuten's website
Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 4-Choose the right delivered area when shopping

Step 4: After you enter your cart, you can change your delivered area to “茨城県 (Ibaraki)”. You can go to the next page after you confirm the items are correct.

Step 5: Log in as a Rakuten member, or just click the red button on the right-hand side.

Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 5-Signup or login as Rakuten's membership
Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 6-Fill in correct delivery address

Step 6: Fill in your delivery address by visiting the “Warehouses” on the Buyandship website and choosing “Japan”. You can access to Buyandshhip Japan warehouse address.

For the recipient, you need to fill in your Buyandship member ID (eg. SGXXXXXX), apart from your own name.

For “フリガナ”, it requires a name in Katakana form. You can convert your English name into Japanese by using the Namehenkan or japanga website. After you translated your name, you can paste it onto the Rakuten website.

Step 7: You can choose whether you need to register as a Rakuten member.

If you are frequently shopping at Rakuten Japan, we highly recommend you register as a member. Not only you don’t need to fill in the delivery address and credit card information again, but also credits will be rewarded.

If you choose to register, you need to set a password.

Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 7-Choose to register as Rakuten member
Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 8-Fill in your credit card information

Step 8: You can fill in your credit card information after you enter the payment page, and click “次へ (Next Page)”.

Step 9: You can place an order if you confirm the items are correct. You will receive an email after the order was confirmed.

Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 9- Place order and wait for confirmation email
Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 10-Use the tracking number for parcel declaration on Buyandship's website

Step 10: After your order has been shipped, the merchant will send you a notification email with the tracking number. You should declare the parcel asap.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Discount can be applied to a new user ‘s first order on Rakuten Japan.
  2. Offers are limited to the first 2000 eligible orders on a first-come-first-served basis.
  3. Offers are only valid for Rakuten Japan orders shipped to Buyandship’s Japanese warehouse address.
  4. Each Rakuten Japan’s new user can use it once.
  5. Not applicable in conjunction with other coupons.
  6. In the event of order cancellation, the coupon will be refunded to the user’s account.
    Please note: Opening new accounts solely for promotional benefits is not recommended. According to Rakuten Japan’s membership agreement, having multiple accounts may result in the accounts being suspended, and accrued points may become unusable.
  7. In the case of any dispute, the decision of Buyandship Singapore shall be final.