⚠️【Buyandship Warehouse Updates】13 March 2020

🇯🇵 Japan As of today, our Japan warehouse has resumed normal operations. However, shipments that were received on the 18th, are the only ones pending, along with 2 containers that have arrived in Hong Kong left to be processed. If your shipment delivery time does not show 「EXPECTED BY Mar 12, 2020 – Mar 18, 2020」please let our customer service personnel know. Do note that there is a drastic reduction of flights (passenger and cargo) going out of Japan, so the time for shipments from Japan is still expected to be longer than usual. 🇺🇸 USA Shipments that were sent through various locations in the US earlier have all been sent back to Hong Kong. However, due to the overflow of shipments, the Hong Kong warehouse is working around the clock to process the backlog of shipment check-ins. Although the US warehouse is now back to normal, due to the..

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