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Buyforyou concierge service is launched!

17th May 2022

Buyandship has just launched an international concierge shopping service to help you purchase hard-to-find and cheaper items. Since some shopping sites don’t take non-local credit cards, our service can help you get what you wish to have.

  • Charges
    Buyforyou charges a service fee of 6% of the total cost of your item(s) (which includes item cost, local shipping, and local tax). The service fee is 6% of the item prices for purchasing US item(s) (Minimum charge: US$6). The service fee is 6% of the item prices for buying HK item(s) (Minimum charge: HK$60).

    Please note that the shipping fee from overseas to your countries will be charged separately. You need to pay the overseas forwarding fee after your shipment order arrives at our Hong Kong warehouse and in the “Ready to Consolidate” stage. For more details on pricing, please refer to “Buyandship Pricing.”

  • Service Scope
    We will help our customers fill the customs declaration for item(s) for your purchase. However, you need to consolidate your parcels by yourself which is the same as the procedures in Buyandship.

For more detail, feel free to visit “Buyforyou“.