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As many overseas online stores do not accept credit cards issued outside of their countries nor warehouses as delivery addresses, we offer Buyforyou, a fast & supportive concierge shopping service, to help you buy your wishlist easily.
How to use Buyforyou?
Step 1 Sign up for Buyandship
  • Sign up with your Gmail / Facebook account or Apple ID (App only).
  • The email address can not be changed manually after registration. We suggest signing up with a frequently used email address.
  • For signing up with Facebook, please be mindful of the email address used in your Facebook account.
Step 2 Fill in request details
  • Click “Request items” and provide the item details, such as item URL and item image
  • Check the colour and size of items before submission of your request
  • Ensure that the unit price is the one after discounted
  • Please have a look at Prohibited Items before shopping online.
  • If there is any discount code, please remember to fill in it while creating your item request.
  • If you are requesting items from different shopping sites, please create a new request for items of each website.
Step 3 Submit an item request
  • After submission, our buying agent will check the price and the availability of the items. You will receive an email notification if there is any update on your request status.
  • If your requested items are not available for purchase, i.e. out of stock, you only need to pay the fees of items which can be successfully purchased.
  • Please check your item request carefully before submission as there is no returning service for Buyforyou items.
Step 4 Check and Pay your request
  • You will be notified by email once the request is confirmed and ready to pay. Please check your request details before making payment.
  • You are strongly advised to settle the payment as soon as possible to prevent stockouts of requested items.
  • Only credit card payment is accepted.
  • If your items fail to be purchased, you will be notified by email and the fee of those items will be either cancelled or returned by bank transfer in 3 working days generally.
Step 5 Consolidate & Collect an order
  • After purchase, your items will be automatically sent to our overseas warehouse you selected, and then forwarded to our Hong Kong warehouse
  • After you receive an email notification regarding the shipment consolidation, you can consolidate your items, select your delivery address and pay the delivery fee.
  • You will be notified by email once the order is ready for delivery.
Buyforyou Tips
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