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【Guide to Rakuten】The biggest online shopping mall in Japan! You buy, and we ship to your doorstep.

10th May 2022
Shop Rakuten from Singapore Tutorial

Japan remains closed to international tourists for the past few years. The price for Japanese brands that are sold locally is more than double. If you fancy those “Made in Japan” products, don’t miss out on Rakuten, an online mega-marketplace from Japan.

Let us guide you on how to shop at Rakuten Japan!

Table of Content

What is Rakuten?
Rakuten Website Interface Introduction
Rakuten Registration Tutorial
Rakuten JPY1000 Off Coupon for New Member
Rakuten Coupon Collection Tutorial
Rakuten Shopping Tutorial

What is Rakuten?

Rakuten is one of the most popular online marketplace in Japan

Rakuten is the largest online shopping mall in Japan which have over 50,000 Japanese merchants with over 10 million SKU. You can find everything you need here! Different from the usual online marketplace, Rakuten also provides bidding and mom-and-pop shops.

Although Rakuten is originally designed for Japanese consumers and only provides a Japanese layout, overseas consumers can always use Google Translate Tool to translate the web pages. Just use Buyandship’s warehouse service and help you ship your purchased items to your doorstep. Join and become a Buyandship member today!

Rakuten Japan organises different promotions and shopping festivals at various times every year. Apart from Japanese apparel and daily necessities, many fashion brands from Europe and America are also available on Rakuten Japan. The discounted price is much lower than it is at local. Also, don’t miss out on those super popular Fukubukuro that are on sale at the beginning of every year.

Let’s take a look in Rakuten!

Use Browser's translation function to browse Rakuten

You can right-click and translate the web page into your native language after you enter Rakuten.

If you don’t have any specific wishlist, you can wander on the “Bestseller” page. This page shows the top-selling products in Japan and it’s categorized. Therefore, you can check it out according to your preference.

Browse Rakuten's Bestseller" section
Browse product category on Rakuten's shop page

The left column on the website show all the product category. You can choose what product you want according to your needs. Rakuten classified all the products into 16 genres, and each of them gets at least one subcategory. It ensures you can find the items that fit you most.

Take women’s T-shirts as an example, and you can see all the best-selling styles and items rated higher than 4.0. Purchasing the top rate items lowers the chances of being entrapped.

See the product rating on Rakuten's product page
Use product ranking function to browse at Rakuten's shops

The left-hand column can apply different filters like size, brand, colour etc. to narrow down your search results. Also, you can check out those items that do not require a local delivery fee.

A tip for you: Don’t overwhelm by the countless product catalogues. You can rank the items according to their price and reviews by clicking the right-hand menu.

If you are looking for a particular brand/item, you can use the search bar at the top of the page. Simply click the search icon in red after you enter the name/model/brand of the item.

Tips: We suggest you use Google for the brand’s Japanese name before searching on Rakuten. More options will be shown.

Search specific brand or product on Rakuten

How to register as a Rakuten member?

Step 1: Visit the Registered as a Rakuten member page, and click the red button to create a new membership. You can choose “English” in the top right corner.

Rakuten registration tutorial 1-Create new membership
Rakuten registration tutorial 2-Enter user information

Step 2: Enter the user information. Please fill in an email address that is frequently used to make it easier to check the order update.

Step 3: Please enter your real name. Your Buyandship user ID will be added in the later stage.

Click “Next Step” after you complete filling in all the information.

Rakuten registration tutorial 2-fill in your real name
Rakuten registration tutorial 4-Confirm all user information

Step 4: Click “Register Rakuten Membership” after you confirm all the information is correct.

Step 5: Click “Continue using services”.

Your registration is not completed yet at this stage. Follow below steps to avoid getting banned.

Rakuten registration tutorial 5-Complete user registration

Rakuten Member Registration Tutorial 6: back to Rakuten homepage and visit member information

Step 6:Go back to Rakuten’s homepage, and click “Member Information” to access your Rakuten account.

Click “Registration/Confirmation/Change of Member Information” to change your address.

Step 7:Click “Personal Information”.

Rakuten Member Registration Tutorial 7: click on personal information to edit
Rakuten Member Registration Tutorial 8: add personal address to your Rakuten account

Step 8:Click “Address and Contact”, then “Add Address” to add your personal address.

Step 9:Fill in your country of residence and personal address (NOT Japan address!). Click “Add” to save and proceed.

Rakuten Member Registration Tutorial 9: fill in your country of residence and personal address
Rakuten Member Registration Tutorial 10: add Buyandship's Japan warehouse into your address book

Step 10:Once you’ve completed registration and added your personal address, click this link here and add Buyandship’s Japan warehouse address into the address book.

Step 11:Fill in delivery address. Go to the “Overseas Warehouse Address” on your Buyandship member centre and select “Japan” to view the information of Buyandship’s Japan warehouse.

Don’t forget to include your Buyandship member ID with your name!

Rakuten Member Registration Tutorial 11: fill in Buyandship's Japan warehouse address and save

How to Collect and Use Rakuten Coupons

Where to Get JPY1000 Off Coupon for New Member

If you have successfully registered, don’t forget that you can get JPY1,000 Off for your first JPY3,000+ order through applying the coupon for new Rakuten members! Please note that the quantity of coupons is limited each month, so it’s first-come, first-served!

💡There is a step-by-step tutorial on how to get more coupons and use your coupons below, don’t miss it!

How to Collect and Use Rakuten Coupons

3 Methods to Collect Your Rakuten Coupons

Method 1: Get Coupons from Your Recently Visited Rakuten Stores.

Once you have logged in to your Rakuten account, scroll down of the page under “myクーポン” to see the coupons from your most recently visited Rakuten shops.

All coupons are valid for a limited time, so make sure you make a note of that!

Method 2: Through Rakuten Product Page.

After logging in to your Rakuten account, search for your favourite item and you will find the vouchers below on the right.

Click on the yellow button “クーポン獲得” and a pop-up of your coupon will appeared! Then, make sure you click on the red button to claim your coupon!

Method 3: Through “My Coupon” on Your Rakuten Account.

After logging in to your Rakuten account, go to “myクーポン” on top right corner.

Click “クーポントップ” to visit the homepage of all coupons available.

Scroll down and click on “樂天市場”.

The page will show all coupons for selected shops, click on “クーポンGET” to go to the coupon page for collection.

Once you have entered the collection page, remember to make note of the expiry date and conditions of use of the coupon.

Click on the button indicated to collect the coupon and the system will save it for you automatically.

Use Your Rakuten Coupon

Once you are on the at checkout, the ‘クーポン利用’ section will show you the number of vouchers you have applied, then click ‘變更’.

Check the coupon you want to use and click “更新”, the system will automatically update the post-coupon price where you can proceed with your checkout.

How to shop from Rakuten?

Step 1: Visit Buyandship Website and register a new account. If you already have an account, please log in directly.

Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 1-Visit Buyandship website
Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 2-Login or signup Buyandship's membership

Step 2: If you need to sign up, please fill in your name, email and password. Click “Sign Up” after completion, and verify your phone number and email.

Step 3: Visit Rakuten Japan, choose your famous items and add those items to the cart. Or, just place an order directly by clicking the right button.

Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 3-Visit and shop Rakuten's website
Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 4-Choose the right delivered area when shopping

Step 4: After you enter your cart, you can change your delivered area to “茨城県 (Ibaraki)”. You can go to the next page after you confirm the items are correct.

Step 5: Log in as a Rakuten member, or just click the red button on the right-hand side.

Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 5-Signup or login as Rakuten's membership
Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 6-Fill in correct delivery address

Step 6: Fill in your delivery address by visiting the “Warehouses” on the Buyandship website and choosing “Japan”. You can access to Buyandshhip Japan warehouse address.

For the recipient, you need to fill in your Buyandship member ID (eg. SGXXXXXX), apart from your own name.

For “フリガナ”, it requires a name in Katakana form. You can convert your English name into Japanese by using the Namehenkan website. After you translated your name, you can paste it onto the Rakuten website.

Step 7: You can choose whether you need to register as a Rakuten member.

If you are frequently shopping at Rakuten Japan, we highly recommend you register as a member. Not only you don’t need to fill in the delivery address and credit card information again, but also credits will be rewarded.

If you choose to register, you need to set a password.

Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 7-Choose to register as Rakuten member
Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 8-Fill in your credit card information

Step 8: You can fill in your credit card information after you enter the payment page, and click “次へ (Next Page)”.

Step 9: You can place an order if you confirm the items are correct. You will receive an email after the order was confirmed.

Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 9- Place order and wait for confirmation email
Rakuten Shopping Tutorial 10-Use the tracking number for parcel declaration on Buyandship's website

Step 10: After your order has been shipped, the merchant will send you a notification email with the tracking number. You should declare the parcel asap.