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Buyandship Shopping Guide: Sweetpea Preloved Clothes UK

27th February 2020

Do you want to shop ethically but you can’t seem to afford a wardrobe full of ethical labels? Try secondhand clothes shopping with Sweet Pea Preloved Clothes! You’ll find PLENTY of affordable and top-notch quality of new and preloved clothing from high street to designer labels for only a fraction of their retail price. Isn’t that great?

As we all know, children tend to outgrow their clothes way before they outwear them quickly, so why not allow them to be loved again? Not only is it ethical but it is eco-conscious too! Especially since we live in a world where we’re all pushing towards sustainable living. 

If you love thrifting, but the idea of rummaging around a charity shop doesn’t sound appealing to you, then shopping at Sweetpea Preloved Clothes online might be the one for you!

Buyandship Top Picks from Sweetpea Preloved Clothes UK!


  • Whether you’re looking for a new pair of pants or dungarees for your little soldier, or maybe some basic tees and tank tops for their everyday wear at home, Sweetpea Preloved Clothes have them all to cater to your necessities!
  • They also carry famous designer labels such as Joules, Frugi, White Company, Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren, Hilfiger and many more! 
  • Most of the items are in excellent condition, so you don’t need to worry about anything! Elevate your little boy’s new wardrobe now with Sweetpea Preloved Clothes! 
  • Get the Surprise Boys Bundle is you’d like to enjoy savings up to 30% off! This bundle comprises a variety of clothing apparels for your child.


  • Choosing the perfect outfit for your little princess can be quite a hassle sometimes, especially if she’s a diva in the making! Turn your frown upside down with Sweetpea Preloved Clothes! Dress your favourite princess from head to toe with their fantastic range of girl’s clothing!
  • Give her wardrobe a little refresh with new preloved t-shirts, leggings, skirts, dresses and many more from famous brands like Gap, Ted Baker and White Company!
  • You get to transform your sweet little girl into a mini fashionista while still keeping your budget under control! Sounds great, right?
  • Get the Surprise Girls Bundle is you’d like to enjoy savings up to 30% off! This bundle comprises a variety of clothing apparels for your child.


  • Gone are the days when girls are expected to wear pink clothes while the boys are forced to wear baby blue! Unisex clothing is breaking down all the boundaries nowadays and has made it more convenient for parents to shop for their children’s clothes too!
  • At Sweetpea Preloved Clothes, they have provided a section where you can easily get unisex clothing for your tiny and your tweens at a very affordable price!
  • Go for practicality and convenience and shop the unisex kids’ collection from Sweetpea Preloved Clothes now!

Sweetpea Preloved Clothes UK Shopping Tutorial

STEP 1: Become a Buyandship member first so that you can access the Buyandship UK warehouse address!

STEP 2: Go to Sweetpea Preloved Clothes website HERE! Click “REGISTER” on the top right corner of the page and then fill in the required details! You will need to verify that you’re not a robot once your details are filled. 

STEP 3: Go to “Accounts” and click “View Addresses” and then click “Add New Address”. Fill it in according to Buyandship’s UK warehouse address. Double-check to make sure that you fill it in accordingly!

STEP 4: Go back to the homepage, and you can START SHOPPING!

STEP 5: After you’re done adding items into your bag, click “CHECKOUT” on the bottom right corner of the page. Upon clicking “CHECKOUT”, a pop up will appear on your screen asking you for an additional £1.00 charge to plant a tree. The decision is all yours to make!

STEP 6: Check your details and don’t forget to add any “PROMO CODES” if there’s any! Click “Continue to Shipping” to choose your desired shipping methods. Once you’ve chosen your shipping method, click “Continue to Payment”, where you will be given two options of payment methods. 

STEP 7:  Choose your desired payment method and click “REVIEW ORDER” before you finalise the purchase. Double-check all the info before pressing “PAY NOW”.

STEP 8: Once your order has been confirmed and processed, you’ll receive tracking details from Sweetpea Preloved Clothes. Make sure to declare your shipment on Buyandship’s Member Center, so we’ll know what’s on the way! Read more on how to DECLARE and  CONSOLIDATE your shipments here! Sit back and relax for your parcel(s) to arrive! 😉