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Buyandship Shopping Guide: 2XU Australia

26th February 2020

2XU (pronounced “Two Times You”) is a market leader in premium compression activewear! Worn by multiple world champions, praised by professional athletes and endorsed by sporting institutions WORLDWIDE, their products are engineered to equip the wearer to feel more prepared, race ready and capable than ever! 

Besides their famous compression collection, 2XU also has Triathlon, Cycle, Run, Swim and Women’s Run Fitness lines. You should definitely shop at 2XU’s Australian website as it offers a much wider range of sportswear to choose from, including their latest arrivals!

If you’re looking for sporting apparel for different occasions such as compression garments, triathlon, cycle, running, open water swimming and general fitness wear, 2XU has them all!

Buyandship Top Picks from 2XU!


  • 2XU’S Compression line helps you to train longer, perform stronger and recover faster!
  • It has been proven to improve athlete performance before, during and after activity through improved circulation, muscle containment and reduced muscle vibration.
  • They have an extensive range that includes shorts, tights, long sleeves as well as short sleeves. You also have the option to choose your apparel according to your needs such as Elite, Perform, Active and many more! Shop for 2XU’s most advanced garments on the market now on their Australian website!


  • 2XU’s Propel Wetsuit Series are famously known as the fastest, the most buoyant and the most flexible in the world! 
  • Their wetsuits are made with Yamamoto Japanese Neoprene which is the highest quality Neoprene on the market. 
  • With three options to choose from: The Propel Pro, P:1 PROPEL, and P:2 PROPEL., you’ll be guaranteed to find your suitable wetsuit fit for any triathlons!


  • 2XU’s Youth range is the ultimate performance piece for any young athlete. 
  • They are specially designed to deliver powerful, targeted support to enhance training, game day, and recovery even after their session ends! 
  • What makes 2XU Youth Compression better is that these garments have been engineered with their PWX Flex compression fabric that offers a graduated compression. Protect your mini star in the rising now with 2XU’s Youth range!


  • 2XU’S Perform collection is built for all-round performance across both short and long-course racing! This exclusive range is also made to withstand the rigours of multi-sport competition.  
  • Specially engineered for athletes taking on their first ironman. If you’re an athlete in the making, you might wanna check this collection out to ensure that you get maximum protection and reach your full potential.


STEP 1: Become a Buyandship member first, so you can access the Buyandship AU warehouse address!

STEP 2: Go to 2XU Australian website HERE! Click “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” on the top right corner of the page (as shown below) and then fill in the required details! From there, you’ll be redirected to the main page called “MY ACCOUNT”.

STEP 3: Under “MY ACCOUNT”, click “MY ADDRESS” and fill in the address details. Double-check to make sure that you fill it in according to Buyandship’s AU warehouse address.

STEP 4: Go back to the homepage and you can START SHOPPING!

STEP 5: After you’re done adding items into your bag, click “CHECKOUT” on the top right of the page. Don’t forget to apply any PROMO CODES if there’s any! 

STEP 6: Check your saved address details and choose your shipping method before clicking “PLACE ORDER” to make your PAYMENT


STEP 7: Once your order has been confirmed and processed, you’ll receive tracking details from 2XU. Make sure to declare your shipment on Buyandship’s Member Center so we’ll know what’s coming! Read more on how to DECLARE and  CONSOLIDATE your shipments here! Sit back and relax for your parcel(s) to arrive! 😉