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Buyandship Shopping Tips: Always Compare Price Before Buying

21st January 2020

It’s easy to get excited when you find an awesome deal in-store, but before you decide to purchase something in-store, always check online – both local and international – to see where can you get it the cheapest. Unless there is an urgent need for the item, put it back on the shelf and shop online!

Most of the time, you can find better deals from the brand’s country of origin — some even provide free domestic shipping! Here are just some Price Comparisons we’ve done just to give you some insight on the potential savings you can pocket when you shop overseas. And best all, we’ve also taken into consideration of Buyandship’s international forwarding rates in these Price Comparisons!

Compare, Compare, Compare Everywhere!

Some websites are available in several countries, like Amazon, eBay and Pandora. Such platforms and brands may carry similar inventories but may offer different promotions. It’s also good to observe the exchange rate when you’re shopping from multiple countries. But there is one thing you don’t need to worry about when shopping from so many different places. You will still get access to affordable international shipping fees by using our forwarding service regardless of where you shop from!

Buyandship Pro Tip:

lightbulb-03 For when you shop in the US, try using our Buyandship Price Comparison Tool! It’s an extension on Google Chrome that will auto-generate a price comparison list while you’re browsing for an item at selected online shopping sites. The extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.