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Buyandship is Here for All Your International Shipping Needs!

18th January 2020

Don’t you just hate it when you found the best deal online, but the overseas store doesn’t offer international shipping? It’s even more frustrating if the shipping fees to Singapore cost just as much as your cart; sometimes even doubled! The likely scenario is you click “X” on your tab/browser and forget about it.

This is where Buyandship Singapore can help you with all your international shipping needs! Why use our forwarding service you ask? We have:

1. Multiple Overseas Shopping Options

We have 9 overseas warehouses located across the globe, which allows you to shop from different countries without breaking the bank paying for international shipping! Plus you can even get access to products/items that aren’t even available locally! Send your shopping to the nearest warehouse to your retailer/seller and we can assist with forwarding it to Singapore. Find out how it works here!

2. Free Storage and Consolidation Services

Once your packages arrive to our overseas warehouses, they will be automatically sent to our central warehouse in Hong Kong before they’re forwarded to your doorstep. Packages can be stored in our Hong Kong warehouse for FREE up to 30 days. We also provide FREE consolidation, which allows customers to buy products from online stores of different countries and have them conveniently delivered in one parcel!

3. Affordable International Shipping Rates

Best of all, we offer a competitive international shipping rate to Singapore. Send your overseas shopping to your doorstep for only S$5/lbs! Instead of spending all your monies on expensive courier charges, you now save even more when you shop online overseas!

These are just some of the advantages of using Buyandship. Sign up to Buyandship Singapore now to become a smart shopping and start saving!