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9th April 2018

There’s no repaying your mom, EVER, for all that she’s done for you. She’s worried for you every step of the way, even before you took your first breath. That’s why we know how tough it is when Mother’s Day always rolls around and you need to look for an ideal gift for the first woman in your life. Even if you know nothing will ever compare for her unconditional love for you, you should at least try. 

And yet some moms are terribly hard to buy for, because when you ask what they would like, you’d usually hear something like this:

“Aiyoh, no need to buy anything, save money.”
“You come home and I cook for you lah, can already.”

So we thought we’d help by finding some gifts your mom will sure-sure like one, by you seeing what fits her love language. 


This is for the mom who can’t get enough of you. But she understands that it’s a challenge to get even a sliver of free time as and when she’d need you. She wouldn’t expect you to come when called, but you know that it would mean the world to her if you could be there for her, just as she was there for you. Artifact Uprising produces really high-quality photo prints and photo albums. We recommend customizing a beautiful hardcover photo book full of photos of the family, you can even control the layout of each page and type in messages for your mom. Not only would she love receiving it, but she’d love sitting down with you to look through all the photos. 


A mom who has the love language of physical touch probably loves giving lots of hugs and kisses. It probably broke her heart when you started growing up and felt that it wasn’t cool to get kisses from mom. Yes, now you may feel all kinds of awkward, but you can always give her something that resembles the gift of touch. And being a mom, she probably holds a lot of stress and tension in her shoulders. How about a massager for those of us who suck at giving massages? This Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager even comes with heat! You can think of it as a way you can try to help her melt all those worries she constantly holds for you away. And also try to hug mom more, would you? 


Words are seeds that grow. And the chances are if you have a mom whose love language is words of affirmation, she would’ve been planting good words in you since you were a wee one. To her, the most hurtful thing you can do is dismiss what she says, because words mean a lot to her, and she’ll cling onto every one of yours. Choose a very positive word for her, or a word you feel represents who she is to you, and get it engraved on a beautiful Monica Vinader bracelet. We find it very meaningful that she gets to carry your words around wherever she goes. The rose gold is our favourite because it’s so current, and you can even choose the the bracelet tie in a fun pop of colour. 


One part of a legacy moms always leave would be their undying service to the family. They live to make sure everyone is well-fed, and if you haven’t seen them in a while they’d probably take one look at you and go, “Aiyoooooo, why so skinny?” The one thing they’d feel a gush of pride for is if you ask them for recipes and pointers for cooking. One way you can spend Mother’s Day this year is to challenge them with a form of cuisine they’ve never tackled before, and make an activity out of it and prepare a meal for the whole family. The Joy of Cooking is one of the bestselling cookbooks of all time for Americans and was even given props by Julia Child herself. 


You’d know if your mom has the love language of receiving gifts when you realize that she’s most likely to keep ALL the gifts you’ve given her, even way back since kindergarten. She probably has a folder that’s barely keeping all your finger-painting artwork in, and she just can’t bear to throw anything away. Give her a very special place to keep all these small cards and trinkets by customizing a memory box for her. There are plenty of sellers on Etsy who make them by hand, but we exceptionally love the detailing on this Floral Heart Wood Keepsake Box. This will also look lovely on her dresser and your cards don’t have to lie in a mess in a miscellaneous drawer. 

Also remember, it would make mom very, very happy if you told her you saved money on shipping! 

Make sure to use our overseas warehouse addresses and our special $3 per pound shipping to get her gift in time for Mother’s Day.