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Urban Outfitters Are Championing the 90s!

30th March 2018

Photo credit : Today

Just in case you haven’t noticed, Urban Outfitters has been coming up with really awesome stuff, and some that was much appreciated by the kids of the 90s.

This one is for us who aspired to be Make-Up Artists, but couldn’t afford those sleek make-up boxes that popular make-up artists from way back then until now are carrying. Now who remembers the Caboodle make-up case give us an “Oh yeah!” in the comment section!

Urban Outfitters has brought back two (yes, you read that right!) two styles at USD$18 and USD$10 with 5 different colours that suits your life in the now! Now your make up case can look like your inner 90s child, just how you’d remember it!

As usual, Urban Outfitters offer free domestic shipping for every order about US$50. With our current S$3/lb shipping promo – get it home by paying just actual weight, without worrying about paying the extra volume just for air. Sign up with us now!