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13th March 2018

Thanks to a few courses currently being offered by Skills Future, there’s been a mini revival of the skill of sewing. We also know of many Singaporean mummies who love making little clothes or accessories for their little ones. Completing a project for someone we love especially comes with such a sense of achievement.

But what makes sewing as a hobby additionally fun is the excuse it gives us to shop. That’s countless hours trawling through Spotlight, Arab Street or People’s Park Complex trying to find the perfect fabric to work on a new personal project.

And yet we have to admit that the choices we get locally are still limited, and sometimes expensive. But thanks to some friends who are hobbyists, and who have also spent many hours researching for online shops to get special kinds of fabric types and prints, we have put together short list that will help you expand your possibilities!

Fabric.com is the very first go-to site for all your fabric needs. They stock up on thousands and thousands of prints and feature all the well-known pattern designers. This is the perfect site to stock up on either fabric for kid’s clothing projects, or if you’re planning on making very modern and chic cushion covers. Did we also mention they have a constant sale section?

If you love watching Project Runway, Mood will be someplace you may be very familiar with. What Mood is well known for is selling reels of fabric remnants designed by famous high fashion brands. Here, the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” really rings true! The best part is, you don’t have to fly all the way to New York for them.

If buying someone else’s design cramps your style and you want to have a hand at playing fashion designer while working on your sewing projects, then Spoonflower is the place to shop at. You can design your own pattern, submit it, and order however many number of yards in different fabrics. The option of organic cotton knits is perfect for clothes for kids.

The local shops may have quite a good selection of Japanese cotton, but we are pretty sure they cannot compare to the range that Miss Matatabi stocks up. Just one look at their homepage will have you tumbling down this rabbit hole of well-designed, brightly coloured, and kawaii fabric! We’re pretty sure you’d be able to think of a use for every fabric pattern you set your eyes on.

What do you think of our selection? Think you can resist stocking up on material?

And remember, this is the perfect time to get your hands on all the fabric you have your eyes on because the S$3/lb promo is still active!