Our pick from Taiwan – Wenshan handmade soaps!

If you haven’t heard, we can help you to get your favourite things from Taiwan now, sent straight to your door! Let’s take a look on Wenshan handmade soaps (文山手作皂)which can be purchased from Books.com.tw. From the soap ingredients to the packaging materials, Wenshan handmade soaps are sourced naturally and made in Taiwan. There are various types of soap designed for different functions and parts of your body. Our top picks include the hair soap made of Chinese knotweed (he shou wu), a type of herbal used in traditional Chinese medicine to help hair growth, and the pearl body soap that has brightening and pore tightening effects. Check out the full range of soaps here , they are great for personal use as well as for gifting!

Our $3/lb promo will be on until 6th April, so sign up with us and take advantage of the low shipping price!