Important Note

  • Due to the spread of COVID-19, Australian Government has banned the export of protective equipment. Please note that all kinds of protective equipment are strictly restricted in our Australia warehouse. If you have already placed an order of the above-mentioned goods in Australia, please cancel the order with your seller as soon as possible. Please check the Prohibited Articles Catalog before shopping
  • If the customer fails to fill out the member ID SGXXXXXX on the shipment, the order will be discarded
  • Please DO NOT fill out the member ID in the address line
  • Please restrain from buying any products containing batteries or batteries themselves, including lithium batteries, as they will be rejected and cannot be shipped
  • If there is only one line available for the “Address”, please combine the all lines of the address together. Otherwise, please remain the address lines separated
  • If there is an error for the ZipCode or Tel when you are filling in the form, please try to remove the “-“ in the middle of the numbers