Please read the following information and Terms of Use before using our service.

General Enquiries

Yes, we will send you an email notification when the registered parcel is logged into the system at our local warehouses.

The online retailer usually requires you to insert the First Name and Last Name of the Receiver. Upon registration as our member, you will be given a “Receiver’s ID”. You can use the “Receiver’s ID” as the receiver during online shopping.

You can find the address of our overseas warehouses for each respective country from “Manage your address” at the Membership Centre. You can insert the provided First Name、Last Name、Address、City、State、Country、ZipCode、Telephone number accordingly during online shopping. *Note that some websites will prompt an address with changed information, for example “Unit 14” to “Ste14”. In that case, you can use the prompt address.

As long as you filled in the correct First Name, Last Name and Address, we will send you an email regarding the “undeclared parcel” once the parcel arrives at our overseas warehouse, together with the tracking number of the parcel. Please register your parcel and insert all information at  “Manage your parcel”  from the Membership Centre. If the parcel are not declared and added the tracking number within 30 days, the shipment will be discarded.

You can track your parcel through the tracking link or tracking number provided by the Online retailer before it arrives at our overseas warehouse. Once it arrives at our warehouse, we will send you an email notification whenever there is an updated delivery status of your parcel.

It takes around 1-2 days for us to make arrangements, weigh and measure the size of the package in the Hong Kong warehouse to be ready for shipment to Singapore. We will send you a notification once it is ready to be sent to Singapore.

You can click here to get an estimated shipment fee. The actual delivery fee will be solely based on the actual weight of the parcel. For more details, please see the “Delivery fee formula”.

Delivery Enquiries

USA warehouse: 5 times per week, from Tuesday to Saturday
UK warehouse: 2 times per week (Tuesday and Friday)
Japan warehouse: 5 times per week, from Tuesday and Saturday
Korea warehouse: 5 times per week, from Monday to Friday
Australia warehouse: 1 time per week (Friday)
China warehouse: 5 times per week, from Monday to Friday
For details of our transit time and delivery process, please refer to our shipment information

Parcels will be processed within 24 to 48 upon arrival at our overseas warehouse (not including Saturday and Sunday local time).

Parcels will be processed 24 to 48 upon arrival at our overseas warehouse. If it is still not in our system after 48 hours, please provide us your tracking number through our website, we will follow up with it within 48 hours. (Please note that our warehouses will not process any parcels on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.)

Every shipment (Tracking number) must not exceed 55 pounds.

The size restriction per tracking number/parcel is different for different countries, please click here to check for parcel restriction information provided under each overseas warehouse address. If the parcel exceeds any of the above restrictions, additional charges may be required. The parcel may also be rejected by the overseas warehouse or the delivery fee may be calculated by Volumetric Weight.

If deemed necessary, our warehouse will repack and replace packaging without prior notice.

If you have any questions regarding calculations of chargeable weight, please contact us through the enquiry bar, we will investigate it within a business day.

There may be an acceptable measurement error of 1cm. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding volumetric weight calculations.

Except for the US warehouse, all shipments received from overseas warehouses will be sent to the Hong Kong warehouse automatically. If the members do not declare/ consolidate their parcel, the shipment will only be stored in the US or Hong Kong warehouse for up to 30 days, and we will then proceed to discard the shipment without further notice.

Parcels can be stored in our Hong Kong warehouse up to for 30 days, free of charge. After 30 days, there will be a storage fee of SG$1 per day per parcel for a maximum of 30 days. After that date, the parcel will be discarded.

Yes, the total weight of consolidated shipments cannot exceed our limit of 20lbs.

Please note that we cannot cancel, return, or reject shipments upon request should they have already arrived at all of our warehouses. However, if the parcel does not meet or violates any HK shipping requirements, we are willing to assist in sending the parcel back to the seller. Please do keep these factors in consideration before making a purchase and shipping through Buyandship.

If you have any further enquiries regarding shipping requirements, feel free to contact us for details.

Lost or Damaged

In most cases, we will not open to inspect the content of the package if the information regarding the receiver and the address is correct. Please contact the corresponding online retailer if you have any doubts with regards to the package and other related enquiries.

Please confirm the condition of the parcel before signing the receipt. If the parcel is damaged, please take a picture of the product and contact us immediately, we will compensate for the cost based on the compensation principle.

If our parcel insurance plan is not used, we will compensate the actual value of the parcel at the maximum of US$100 if the parcel is lost. Please refer to the following regarding to terms and conditions for lost or damaged goods.

Standard terms


Buyandship will not be held responsible if the products are defected or has violate the Intellectual property right as Buyandship is not the selling agent. Buyandship is not responsible for the quantity or quality of the products inside the parcel, or any lost or damage caused by the defective or inadequate packaging. Buyandship will not be responsible for anything happened to the parcel before it arrives at our warehouse included but not limited to any loss incurred due to the undeliverable, delay or damage of the parcel by other delivery agent. Buyandship will only be responsible for any lost or damage to the parcel that is proven to have happened after our warehouse has received the parcel and during our delivery.

Prohibited Items

Buyandship will not be able to deliver the following items:

– Goods that are classified as hazardous material, non-approved * dangerous goods, prohibited or restricted articles by IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), ADR (European Road Transport Regulation on dangerous goods), DOT (U.S. Department of Transport), USPS (United States Postal Service), UPU (Universal Postal Union) and any applicable government department or other relevant organization;
– Hazardous goods
– Any goods that are prohibited or restricted, in particular any export, import or customs law provisions of the countries, states or region of origin, destination or transit.
– Any goods listed in the operator restrictions
– Any goods Buyandship considered as inappropriate.

Buyandship has the right to open the parcel and inspect the products, however, Buyandship do not have the obligation to examine the products. The examination result has no guarantee to the quality and authenticity of the products, or whether or not the products violate a statutory or authorities’ prohibition, in particular the law provisions of the countries of the origin, destination or transit.

Buyandship can inform the police, custom or any related law enforcement if during the examination, we suspect the content may violate a statutory or authorities’ prohibition, in particular the law provisions of the countries of the origin, destination or transit.
Buyandship will not be responsible for any loss incurred due to the examination. Buyandship will discontinue the service and can discard the products if we discovered the products are prohibited items.

Examination Of Parcel

Buyandship will only examine the content of parcel, and under the following circumstances, may alter the packaging, delay the shipment, refuse service or not shipping out the parcel until the client provide us with a declaration or deposit:

– The parcel may contain prohibited items;
– The products may be damaged;
– The products may be damaged due to oversize packaging;
– No receipt or the receipt is doubtful;
– The content of the parcel is different from the declaration or the value is doubtful;
– The actual value of the parcel is lower than half of the shipment fee;
– The weight per waybill is over 300lbs;
– The average volume weight to actual weight is more than 5.

Termination Of Service

Buyandship can temporarily suspend or terminate the service provided to you without further notice, including but not limited to the service provided to you in accordance with your phone number, email address or IP address, under the following circumstances:

Buyandship’s Responsibility

“Force Majeure” -Buyandship shall not be responsible for any delay or undelivered due to natural disaster e.g. earthquake, cyclone, storm, flood, fog or incident that is not within Buyandship’s control e.g. war, plane crash or embargo, riot or civil commotion, industrial action.

Buyandship shall not be held responsible if the problem was caused by you or a third party, including but not limited to violation of the law of the origin, destination or transit country or region, the parcel contains prohibited goods, providing incorrect information regarding the parcel, parcel held in custom, invalid delivery address, parcel denied by receiver, the value or content of the parcel is suspected to be different from the declaration, the weight of the parcel is suspicion, any violate of our terms and conditions, or any other conditions where Buyandship felt the need to temporarily or permanently suspend the service.

Termination Of Service

By using the service provided by Buyandship, you hereby agreed that Buyandship shall not be responsible for the lost, damage, delay, wrongly delivered, undelivered of the parcel or providing inaccurate information or unable to provide information if it occurred due to include but not limited to the following situations, and will not adjust, refund or offer any compensation. Buyandship shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect or collateral loss incurred, include but not limited to loss of income, profit, market or opportunity.

By using the service provided by Buyandship, you are signifying to agree that Buyandship will not be responsible for the loss (include but not limited to loss of income, profit, market or opportunity), lost, delay, undelivered incurred include but not limited to the following circumstances:

The negligent of yours or a third party’s – violation of the terms and conditions

Undelivered due to invalid information provided during registration
Undelivered due to invalid or missing tracking number
The parcel contains prohibited goods.
Undelivered due to alternative instruction given by you, sender or receiver, in verbal or written form
Any lost or damage to the contents when the parcel is sealed and the packaging has no significant damage and the receiver has not filed a written claim regarding the damage of the packaging
Delay caused by not confirming and paying the tax and duty on time.
Loss due to invalid tracking number, no entry record, missing or wrongly sent item.
Additional fee for multiple deliveries due to invalid or incomplete address and/or unable to contact the receiver

Uncontrollable Circumstances

Natural disaster: including but not limited to earthquake, tornado, storm, flood, fire, plaque, fog, snow, frost or geological disasters.

Buyandship will not be responsible for any loss incurred under unforeseeable circumstances include but not limited to natural disaster, strike, disturbance, riot, war or termination or disruption of communication or transportation or mechanical malfunction that is not within the control of Buyandship
Negligence by custom, airline, airport or government authority, include but not limited to custom refusal, flight delay due to custom, flaw, imperfection of the content, damages not incurred during Lost of digital data or image on films

Buyandship will arrange the delivery in a reasonable manner under any uncontrollable circumstance, however Buyandship does not have the duty to inform you.

Buyandship will arrange delivery in a reasonable manner, however Buyandship will not be responsible for any delay.

If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.