Buyandship Top 5 Picks: Educational Board Games for Kids

Parenthood is a balancing act; you can never know if you’re giving them too much play time or you’re taking too much of their play time away from them. Get the best of both worlds and excite them with games that are beneficial for their knowledge or even soft skills. These board games aren’t just for kids, but parents or guardians can also bond with them through educational playtime. Buyandship has selected our Top 5 Picks of all things educational fun-and-play for you to enjoy as a family for game night. To save on international shipping, do not forget to use our closest warehouse address at checkout! 1. Tangoes Jr. Tangram Puzzle Box  | US$24.99 (~S$35) Tangoes Jr. is ancient Chinese puzzles that keep little minds and fingers busy, as kids use the seven magnetic puzzle pieces to recreate colourful designs. The basic set includes a portable laptop case, seven..

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