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Must-Have Newborn Items for Moms: 7 Essentials for Your Baby

13th May 2024
Must-Have Newborn Items for Moms: 7 Essentials for Your Baby

Here’s a list for new moms! Consider buying baby waterproof mats, rice cakes, utensils, and baby shoes online from overseas – they’re often cheaper than local options! Being a new mom is both exciting and nerve-wracking, prepare everything your little one needs, and take a look at what you should get!

Baby Product Recommendation

Prielle - Baby Waterproof Pad (Small)

Prielle – Baby Waterproof Pad (Small)

Korean-made cotton fabric, certified for safety, features a leak-proof three-layer design.

Its soft and skin-friendly surface, polyester filling, and PU bottom layer make it absorbable enough to prevent bedwetting and easy to wash in the washing machine. Choose from various cute patterns!

KR Price:S$9(KRW8,900

Hiorie -  5-layer Gauze Baby Bib

Hiorie –  5-layer Gauze Baby Bib

Try the Japanese-made 100% pure cotton bibs that offer unmatched comfort with five-layer gauze in various styles!

Safe for infants to chew on, it also features a dual-button design for adjustable and non-restrictive wear with easy-cleaning and quick-drying material.

JP Price:S$11(JPY1,210

Mama & kids - Baby Moisturizing Cream and Lotion

Mama & kids – Baby Moisturizing Cream and Lotion

Japan’s top-rated mother and baby skincare brand for 8 years which prioritized mildness, additive-free, and high-functionality formulas without fragrances, dyes, or mineral oils.

Their main product Anti-Stretch Moisturizing Cream, addresses various skin concerns from pregnancy to postpartum, also have a baby version for newborns!

JP Price:S$17-69(JPY1,980-7,990

Naeiae -  Organic Pop Rice Snack 5-item set

Naeiae –  Organic Pop Rice Snack 5-item set

Korean-made rice cakes that are sourced from certified Korean crops have 5 flavors for your babies! Their freezing technology preserved 100% fruit-based nutrients. Safe for kids in passing heavy metal tests and fostering brain development.

KR Price:S$14 /5 packs(KRW13,720
*S$2.8 /pack

AOIREMON  - Baby Shoes


Specifically designed for children’s feet, these walking shoes offer a wide, spacious fit, allowing flexible toe movement and Lightweight soles for tripping prevention.

With easy-to-use Velcro closures, breathable mesh material, and full functionality, the shoes ensure comfort and safety to guard every step your child takes!

JP Price:S$22-24(JPY2,580-2,780

10mois - Baby Chair Belt  in BEAR MASK Pattern

10mois – Baby Chair Belt in Bear Mask Pattern

This famous brand for their baby-kicking blankets offers another hit item: the fixing strap! It can be doubled as a backpack when going out and features a waterproof surface for easy cleaning.

With auxiliary buckle designs on the shoulders and waist, it ensures baby’s safety. Just attach the buckle to an adult chair, and it’s securely fixed—simple and hassle-free!

JP Price:S$38(JPY4,400

Disney – Minnie Mouse travel bib + flexible spoon

It’s Disney reimagined, with a very b.box take on Disney classics. Bringing together b.box’s award-winning travel bib and your favourite Disney characters. Suitable for infants aged 4 months and above, these sets feature zippered pouches.

They are BPA, PVC, and plasticizer-free, offering storage for feeding spoons, forks, and chopsticks. After using the bib, the pouch can hold food crumbs—making it both hygienic and convenient!

AU Price:S$18AU$19.95

💡 Note: Product prices, quantities etc. may change due to sales. All subject to change. We do not own any of the pictures above nor affiliated with the brands mentioned. All credits are due to all of the brands featured in the article unless otherwise specified.