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Shower Head Guide 2024: Water and Money Saving, Skin and Hair Caring Options Overseas

5th April 2024
Shower Head Guide 2024: Water and Money Saving, Skin and Hair Caring Options Overseas

Every bathroom needs a good shower head. Choosing one with excellent functionality not only helps save water but also moisturizes the skin and even prevents hair loss with the latest models! Some overseas shower products may not be available or are priced higher in Singapore. In Japan, Korea, and the UK, you can find them at lower prices. Check out the styles recommended by our members below!

Table of Contents
SANEI Rainy Shower
SANEI Esthe Shower Pro
Noend Chlorine Removal and Water Saving Shower Head
Methven RUA Aurajet Shower Head
GROHE Tempesta 100
Doulton Shower Head with Filter
Pure Rain Window Pro Shower Head

Top 7 Shower Head in 2024

SANEI - Rainy Shower

SANEI – Rainy Shower

With extremely small 0.3mm spray head holes and duplicate nozzles, you can easily achieve a high-density showering experience! Additionally, you can use the stop button on the showerhead to shut off the water instead of closing the tap!

SG Price:S$55.77

JP Price:S$33.34 (JPY3,735)

SANEI - Esthe Shower Pro

SANEI – Esthe Shower Pro

This showerhead is specially designed to care for your skin and scalp in three modes: Mist mode removes dirt from pores by fine soft mist; scalp mode cleanses and stimulates your scalp with straight-line spray; and normal mode maximizes the water-saving effect.

Not available in Singapore.

JP Price:S$60.67(JPY6,800)


Noend – Chlorine Removal and Water Saving Shower Head

The award-winner in Japan’s LDK Beauty Magazine and 2023 Rakuten Ranking with over a hundred million units sold, its fine pore design and water-stopping button can save up to 80% of water usage while completely removing chlorine.

Not available in Singapore

JP Price:S$26.61(JPY2,980)


Methven – RUA Aurajet Shower Head

Reducing water consumption by nearly 40% with each shower, the Aurajet technology produces a dense spray of water droplets to double the skin’s contact with water!

Additionally, its square-shaped hollow design prevents the buildup of limescale, and it can be easily installed with bare hands!

SG Price:S$250.70 

UK Price:S$42.00(£24.66)


GROHE – Tempesta 100

A refreshing shower spray with two modes available: Rainfall mode, which soothes stress and tension, and Jet Spray mode, with a powerful central flow that can alleviate muscle pain and provide deep skin cleansing!

SG Price:S$65

UK Price:S$39.68(£23.29)


Doulton – Shower Head with Filter

Featuring a powerful dual filtration system, it significantly reduces chlorine and sediment in the water. Also, it comes with a switch function to quickly switch from unfiltered shower water to filtered water, extending the lifespan of the filter!

SG Price:S$89.95

UK Price:S$42.60(£25)

Pure Rain

Pure Rain – Window Pro Shower Head

This showerhead features Pure Rain technology, with a 6-layer filtration system that effectively removes chlorine, lasting up to 4,000 liters, and its 0.22-mm triangular water outlet technology ensures strong water pressure while maintaining a gentle flow that won’t irritate the skin.

Not available in Singapore

KR Price:S$36.80(₩36,900)

💡 Note: Product prices, quantities etc. may change due to sales. All subject to change. We do not own any of the pictures above nor affiliated with the brands mentioned. All credits are due to all of the brands featured in the article unless otherwise specified.