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Gachapon Fans, Get Ready! Unbox Mofusand, Chiikawa, Psyduck & More Capsule Toys & Mini Figures

3rd April 2024

Did you know that capsule toys, or “gashapon,” originated from the US and were later introduced to Japan in the 1960s? Capsule toys have diversified over the years, offering not just anime and cartoon-related items but also animals, plants, and even household items!

However, getting your desired capsule toy requires luck, and trying your luck locally can be expensive. In Japan, the price per capsule ranges from JPY100 to 500, making it more affordable. You can even buy a complete set at discounts!

5 Best Capsule Toys & Mini Figures to Buy

Pokemon Center - worry? ∞Psyduck

Pokemon Center – worry? ∞Psyduck

The adorable and goofy Pokémon Psyduck recently released a wind-up toy that perfectly captures the character’s essence, featuring its comical expression and puzzled walk! It even has a glow-in-the-dark mode!

Not available in Singapore.

JP Price:S$3.57(JPY400)/ 1pc

Suraga-Ya - HARIO Zebrang Minimature Collection

Suraga-Ya – HARIO Zebrang Minimature Collection

HARIO is well-known for its coffee equipments such as drip filters and insulated mugs. This series meticulously reproduces the brand’s Zebrang camping collection, with exquisite designs that are perfect for a refreshing pick-me-up.

SG Reference Price:~S$15 / 1pc

JP Price:S$4.28(JPY480)/ 1pc

Rakuten - Mofusand Interior Mini Figure 4

Rakuten – Mofusand Interior Mini Figure 4

The popular Japanese illustrated cat Mofusand always releases their “cosplay products” such as dressing up as various fruits and desserts. This time, they are becoming cute animals like fox, koala and raccoon. Let’s get the whole set at once!

Not available in Singapore.

JP Price:S$14.71(JPY1,650)/ 5pcs

Rakuten - パンどろぼう "Bread Thief" Figure Collection

Rakuten – パンどろぼう “Bread Thief” Figure Collection

The popular Japanese children’s picture book “Bread Thief,” which won first place in the Tsutaya Picture Book Awards, features a quirky-adorable art style and humor. This gachapon set includes various characters like rice balls and toast that fans shouldn’t miss!

Not available in Singapore.

JP Price:S$26.57(JPY2,980)/ 5pcs

Rakuten - Chiikawa narabundesu "Line Up Collection" 2

Rakuten – Chiikawa narabundesu “Line Up Collection” 2

One of Japan’s recent hottest characters, Chiikawa, has captivated audiences worldwide, even appealing to male fans! Glancing at them lining up on your desk during break time can instantly lift your spirits!

Not available in Singapore.

JP Price:S$42.67(JPY4,786)/ 5pcs

💡 Note: Product prices, quantities etc. may change due to sales. All subject to change. We do not own any of the pictures above nor affiliated with the brands mentioned. All credits are due to all of the brands featured in the article unless otherwise specified.