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Capture Every Moment with 4 Essential Phone and Camera Tripods. Become a Pro Shooter with the Add-ons!

2nd February 2024

Let capture moments on the go without fdatigue and shaky shots! Get Members Favourite Just Mobile ShutterGrip 2, a popular smartphone tripod with various features. You can also explore the world of JOBY camera tripods and Kenu phone mounts for an enhanced photography experience!

Popular Tripod Gadgets

Just Mobile – ShutterGrip 2 Secure Camera Handle Holder

Member’s top pick! Instantly transform your smartphone into a camera by simply attaching the grip to your smartphone and connecting via Bluetooth.

Easy to operate, lightweight, and suitable for group selfies and video recording. Even compatible with additional features like a flash and tripod!

SG Price:S$170.89

JP Price: S$53.64(JPY5,880)

Just Mobile – Mini tripod for ShutterGrip 2

Use this add-on with your ShutterGrip 2 for group photos, low light condition and object photography! With a standard 1/4-inch jack and a 360-degree ball head, you can adjust the angle to whatever you want!

Not available in Singapore.

JP Price: S$22.98(JPY2,519)

JOBY – Gorillapod 5K Rig

Experience professional-grade performance with this mini tripod! The ball and socket design can support cameras and zoom lenses weighing up to 5kg.

The flexible rubberized grips provide security in various environments—limited stock since the product has been discontinued!

SG Price:S$235

JP Price: S$143.67(JPY15,750)

Kenu – Mini Tripod Stand for iPhones

Explore the versatility of this mini tripod designed exclusively for iPhones! It securely supports both landscape and portrait orientations and weighs only 34g.

It is easily foldable to save space and comes with a keychain attachment for convenient portability.

SG Price:S$35.34

US Price: S$26.65(USD19.95)

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