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Top 5 Popular Sunscreen Picks from ALLIE Japan to Achieve Bare-Skin Beauty Effortlessly!

25th January 2024
Top 5 Popular Sunscreen Picks from ALLIE Japan to Achieve Bare-Skin Beauty Effortlessly!

ALLIE is Japan’s Premier Sunscreen Brand that is highly effective with its water-resistant and eco-friendly sunscreens of various tint options. The UV Expert Sunscreen Water Gel is a fan favorite, while the Tone-Up and Brightening series, with over 30 awards in @cosme, effortlessly enhances your natural beauty. Gentle on the skin, praised by members – the secret to a radiant complexion!

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Introduction to the ALLIE Collection
ALLIE Top Sunscreen Picks
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ALLIE Collection

CollectionGel / Milk UV ExColor Tuning UVColour On UV Cheek
Suitable Body Parts Face & BodyFace OnlyCheek Only
FeaturesCreate a radiant and hydrated complexion and water-infused moisturizationConceal pores, dark circles, improve uneven skin tone, effortlessly achieve a natural and flawless complexionDeveloped for easily sunburned cheeks, adheres evenly, and does not smudge

ALLIE Top Sunscreen Picks

ALLIE - Chrono Beauty Gel UV EX 90g

ALLIE – Chrono Beauty Gel UV EX 90g

Winning 3rd Place in @cosme 2022 Sunscreen Ranking, the sunscreen has outstanding texture, excellent spreadability, non-greasy touch, and provides long-lasting hydration for both face and body.

It effectively shields against tiny particles like dust and pollen and is highly recommended by our members!

SG Price:S$30.50 / 108g

JP Price:S$19.64(JPY2,168)/ 90g

ALLIE - Chrono Beauty Color Tuning UV 01 Purple 40g

ALLIE – Chrono Beauty Color Tuning UV 01 Purple 40g

Infused with hydrangea dewdrop and clary sage fragrance, imparts a visibly brighter and translucent complexion with fresh floral scent.

The formula, not overly pale or heavy, brings vitality to your look, effectively concealing dullness and pores while enhancing transparency.

SG Price:S$31.50

JP Price:S$17.98(JPY1,982

ALLIE - Chrono Beauty Color Tuning UV 03 Sheer Beige 40g

ALLIE – Chrono Beauty Color Tuning UV 03 Sheer Beige 40g

Infused with citrus wood and patchouli fragrance, it provides a milkt-beige tone-correcting effect, instantly concealing uneven skin tone, dark circles, and pores.

With an 8-hour long-lasting color hold, it resists shine and smudging, effortlessly creating a beautiful bare-skin makeup!

SG Price:S$31.50

JP Price:S$17.98(JPY1,982

ALLIE - Chrono Beauty Colour On UV Cheek Lucent Pink 15g

ALLIE – Chrono Beauty Colour On UV Cheek Lucent Pink 15g

Enjoy a long-lasting rosy complexion for beautiful, radiant skin with this special formula for easily sunburned cheeks!

With a refreshing floral scent, a gentle application creates a natural glow. The makeup adheres evenly, featuring excellent sweat and water resistance, preventing transfer onto masks or towels.

SG Price:S$21.20

JP Price:S$16.09(JPY1,773

ALLIE X PEANUTS - Chrono Beauty Gel UV EX 90g

ALLIE X PEANUTS – Chrono Beauty Gel UV EX 90g

Apart from ocean-friendly formula, the SNOOPY X ALLIE limited edition adopts eco-friendly packaging using recycled paper from unwanted promotional scraps, featuring adorable Snoopy patterns. The box’s side and lining can be repurposed as bookmarks or decorations, adding a cute and uplifting touch to every sun protection session!

Not available in Singapore.

SG Price:S$20.01(JPY2,205

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