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Guide to Amazon Prime Big Deal Day 2023! Key Dates, Free Prime Membership Registration & Unsubscription Tutorial

6th October 2023

Amazon Prime Day is coming back! It is the biggest sale event for Amazon Prime members on global Amazon websites. The second Prime Day of this year is kicking off on October 9th (local time), varying by region. Scroll down for details. During this time, Amazon in different regions’ wesbites will offer different limited-time discounts.

If you’re new to Amazon, you may register for a 30-day free Prime membership trial for the first time. Don’t forget to unsubscribe from the Prime membership after the event, or you will be charged after the free trial ends! Wanna get the HOTTEST deals during this annual event? Mark the key dates on your calendar! Shop your favourites from overseas and ship to Singapore hassle-free with the help of Buyandship’s parcel forwarding service!

Table of Contents:

3 Key Things to Note before Amazon Prime Day
Start and End Time of Amazon Prime Day in Different Regions
Tutorial : How to Register for Amazon Prime
Tutorial : How to Unsubscribe Amazon Prime

3 Key Things to Note before Amazon Prime Day

3 Key Things to Note before Amazon Prime Day
3 Key Things to Note before Amazon Prime Day
3 Key Things to Note before Amazon Prime Day

There is no tiers for Amazon Prime membership, and users can choose to pay monthly or annually. Prime members will see special pricing on various products, including local Amazon Prime Video, Music Prime and Prime Gaming benefits.

You will be charged if you wish to keep using your Prime membership! Please remember to cancel your Prime membership from your Amazon Member Centre within 30 days.

Amazon US - Free Prime Membership

💡 This year’s Prime Day in the U.S. has a new approach, which some products will have a limited number of offers. During the early bird period of Prime Day, some products will be marked “Invite-Only Deal“. Prime members can join the invitation list, and once successful, members will be able to get the product at a great price once Prime Day officially starts!

Amazon US Invite-Only Deal

Important Notice

Recently, we have noticed that infrequently used or newly registered accounts sometimes receive account suspension by Amazon, please pay close attention to the following matters:

  1. Try register accounts in different regions with different email address:
    During the Prime Day sale, Amazon’s account review and control may be more stringent, and because Amazon accounts registered in Europe and the US will share the same account information, we recommend that accounts in different regions (e.g., US/UK/CA/AU) can be registered with different emails. In case of any suspension of one of your Amazon accounts, it will not affect your login and account use in other regions.

  2. Tips on account registration:
    For users to create a new account & make orders on Amazon US, you should use our new “Amazon / eBay” address and telephone number for register. For existing Amazon users, please use the the new U.S. address whenever it is necessary.

  3. Tips on credit cards payment:
    Please try to use credit card with 2-factor authentication for payment, including but not limited to CVV/SMS verification code.

Start and End Time of Amazon Prime Day in Different Regions

US Amazon Prime Day 2023

Amazon US

◆Singapore Time: 10 October 15:00 – 12 October 11:59

UK Amazon Prime Day 2023

Amazon UK

Singapore Time: 10 October 07:01 – 12 October 06:59

JP Amazon Prime Day 2023

Amazon Japan

Singapore Time: 13 October 23:00 – 15 October 22:59

AU Amazon Prime Day 2023

Amazon Australia

Singapore Time: 9 October 21:01 – 11 October 20:59

IT Amazon Prime Day 2023

Amazon Italy

Singapore Time: 10 October 06:01 – 12 October 05:59

CA Amazon Prime Day 2023

Amazon Canada

Singapore Time: 10 October 15:00 – 12 October 11:59

Tutrorial : Amazon Prime Registration

美國 Amazon 註冊教學2-登入或註冊 Amazon US 會員

Step 2:Login or create your Amazon account. Remember to fill in the membership details if it is your first registration.

Step 3:Enter payment card details for your first purchase. Add the correct Buyandship warehouse address in the Billing Address page.

If you’ve already filled in the above details before, just click ‘Start My Free Trial‘ to enjoy the Prime membership discount!

美國 Amazon 註冊教學3-輸入有關信用卡資訊、Buyandship美國倉地址;或直接按「Start My Free Trial」
美國 Amazon 註冊教學4-Free Trial只限30日,所以請記得於30日內回到Amazon會員中心取消!

Step 4:You only get 30 days free trial, or you will be charged after the free trial ends. Remember to unsubscribe from the Prime membership after 30 days.

💡 Tips : It’s free of charge to create an account on Amazon for easier and convenient shopping! You will get invited to try their fast and free delivery with Amazon Prime Trial month. But don’t forget to cancel your Prime membership within the first month if you don’t want to get charged each month!

Tutrorial : Amazon Prime Unsubscription

The following will be used as an example from Amazon US:

Step 1:Log in to your Amazon account, enter the Prime page and click “End Trial and Benefits” to cancel your prime membership.

Prime會員取消教學1-登入Amazon帳號,進入Prime頁面按「End Trial and Benefits」取消會員
Prime會員取消教學2-堅持按下「End My Benefits」

Step 2:Amazon will try to stop you from cancelling several times, just keep pressing ‘End My Benefits’!

Step 3:Click “Continue to Cancel”.

Prime會員取消教學3-繼續點擊「Continue to Cancel」
Prime會員取消教學4-繼續點擊「Cancel Membership」即可

Step 4:Click “Cancel Membership” to continue.

Step 5:Click “Continue to Cancel”.

Prime會員取消教學5-繼續點擊「Continue to Cancel」

Step 6:After the unsubscription, Prime membership discount will still last for 30 days from the date it started. The end of discount date will show in the red box. You can still enjoy the discount within that period!