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Shop the Official Merch of Japan’s Most Popular and Loved Character in 2023, Chiikawa!

21st September 2023

Chiikawa, the hottest character in recent years in Japan, has gained nationwide popularity due to its irresistibly adorable appearance. It even won the Japan Character Award last year! Every time new merchandise is released on the official Chiikawa Market website, it sells out immediately. Today, we will guide you into the world of Chiikawa and let you experience its charming cuteness. Be one step ahead and grab the popular/limited edition merchandise before they’re sold out!

Table of Content
What is Chiikawa?
Recommended Hot-selling Products of Chiikawa

What is Chiikawa?

Chiikawa is a character created by Japanese illustrator Nagano. The name translates to “a small and cute little fellow with a feeling.” Originally introduced as a primary character in illustrations, Chiikawa gradually gained popularity, leading to the launch of a dedicated manga series and eventually an animated series. It has become a popular national cartoon character!

The protagonist of Chiikawa is a white, mysterious creature who is timid, gentle, and loves to cry. The main characters include Little Hachi Cat, Bunny Bunny, Chestnut Bun, and others. With its adorable and simple art style, Chiikawa captures the hearts of many, providing a healing and soothing experience.

Recommended Hot-selling Products of Chiikawa

吉伊卡哇 x 我的英雄學院小毛巾3件裝

Chiikawa x My Hero Academia Mini Towel Set (3 pieces)

The official website frequently releases collaborative merchandise featuring Chiikawa, showcasing its different appearances. This time, the adorable Chiikawa characters have transformed into little heroes and cosplayed as characters from “My Hero Academia.” The passionate and energetic vibe is palpable, making it a must-have collectible for fans on both sides!

JP Price:S$12(JPY1,320)
*Each transaction allows a maximum purchase of 1 item.

吉伊卡哇 -  矽膠小夜燈

Chiikawa – Silicone Night Light

Made from soft silicone material, it has a great feel of touch. It features 4 levels of brightness adjustment and can be easily recharged via USB. Even when not used as a night light, it serves as a beautiful decoration. Coming home after a tiring day and seeing Chiikawa immediately helps relax the mood.

JP Price:S$36(JPY3,850)

[Pre-order] Chiikawa – Otter Driver Plush Toy Set

The website occasionally releases special editions, and products that are available for pre-order require advance reservation. The official shipping time for pre-order items is usually delayed compared to regular products. Remember not to place an order for pre-order items and regular items together. Pay close attention to avoid missing out on your desired items!

JP Price:S$26(JPY2,860)
*Pre-orders are available until 12:00 PM on September 25th. The estimated shipping will begin in mid-January 2024, in the order they were received.

吉伊卡哇 - 天使惡魔系列兔兔掛飾公仔

Chiikawa – Angel & Devil Series Bunny Bunny Hanging Plush Toy

Chiikawa introduces the Angel & Devil series, where Mimi transforms into an adorable yet mischievous little devil. The cuteness level goes up despite the devilish theme—it’s simply too adorable to resist! You definitely need to bring it home and proudly hang it on your bag while strolling around, showcasing your love for Chiikawa to everyone!

JP Price:S$13(JPY1,430)
*Each transaction allows a maximum purchase of 1 item.

吉伊卡哇 - 護手霜3件裝 (15g)

Chiikawa – Hand Cream Set (3 pieces, 15g each)

Themed around chestnuts, this set includes Chiikawa, Little Hachi Cat, and Bunny Bunny hand creams. Each hand cream comes in different scents: lemon, yuzu, and grapeseed oil. It’s a must-have for the autumn season, providing constant moisture to your hands and filling you with a soothing power from the inside out!

JP Price:S$13(JPY1,430)
*Each transaction allows a maximum purchase of 2 items.

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