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Get the Official “One Piece” Limited Edition Merch from Toei Animation in Japan!

21st September 2023
海賊王夥伴集合!日本東映官方限定週邊推介,帶你尋找最愛的One Piece!

The immensely popular Japanese manga “One Piece,” which has been serialized for over 26 years, has recently been adapted into a successful live-action series by Netflix, reigniting the fervor for the franchise! The reenactment of iconic moments has evoked nostalgic memories for loyal fans and has also attracted many newcomers to the series. Today, our editor will take you, fellow pirates, on a journey to seek out your favorite limited edition One Piece merchandise!

One Piece Merchandise Recommendations

海賊王 - P.O.P “Warriors Alliance” 索隆十郎

1. P.O.P “Warriors Alliance” Roronoa Zoro

Based on the “Wano Country Arc” from One Piece, Japanese company MEGAHOUSE has released a series of high-quality collectible models featuring the characters from One Piece. These models are 1/8 scale PVC painted figures. “Roronoa Zoro” from the Wano Country Arc is perfectly depicted in traditional Japanese attire, wielding his swords “Wado Ichimonji” and “Sandai Kitetsu” in a fierce battle pose, capturing the essence of Zoro’s powerful presence during combat!

JP Price:S$139(JPY15,000)

海賊王 - 路飛 Gear 5 雙面小包

2. Luffy Gear 5 Double-faced Pouch

Recently, the most talked-about topic in relation to One Piece is undoubtedly the live-action adaptation. However, in the animated version, the introduction of Luffy’s “Gear 5” ability has generated significant discussion. Its power is so immense that it even turns Luffy’s hair and clothes white. This Luffy dual-sided pouch captures both sides of his character. On one side, you have the adorable and cute version of Luffy, while on the other side, you have the stylish depiction of Luffy unleashing Gear 5. It’s a perfect collectible item that showcases Luffy in different forms!

JP Price:S$24(JPY2,640)

海賊王 - 草帽海賊團布質旗幟

3. Straw Hat Pirates Fabric Flag

Made in Japan, the flag body is made of 100% cotton fabric and measures approximately 80x110cm! If you want to join the Straw Hat Pirate Crew and become a part of it, you must hang this iconic flag in your home and become the Pirate King!

JP Price:S$25(JPY2,750)

海賊王 - Manhattan Portage休閒郵差包

4. Manhattan Portage Casual Messenger Bag

Limited edition crossbody bag in collaboration with Manhattan Portage. The bag features various iconic scenes, including landscapes from the Wano Country arc and the Thousand Sunny ship, printed at the bottom. Carry your pirate spirit with you wherever you go!

JP Price:S$112(JPY12,100)

海賊王 -  咻咻毛絨公仔

5. Chouchou Stuffed Plush Toy

One of the most touching scenes in the early days of One Piece is undoubtedly the moment when the loyal dog Chouchou fights against the enemy to protect his deceased owner’s treasure! Despite not being a main character, Chouchou gained immense popularity, leading the official store to release a stuffed plush toy of Chouchou. This allows fans to bring Chouchou home and cherish the memories of this beloved character.

JP Price: S$31(JPY3,300)

💡 Note: Product prices, quantities etc. may change due to sales. All subject to change. We do not own any of the pictures above nor affiliated with the brands mentioned. All credits are due to all of the brands featured in the article unless otherwise specified.