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Rakuten 2022 First Half Sales Rankings Collection of Popular Snacks

22nd September 2022

Overseas online shopping can always buy more kinds of products at more affordable prices. Among them, snacks are one of the most famous product categories. Rakuten recently announced the sales ranking of its entire network in the first half of 2022. It lists the top-selling products from 1st to 30th in different categories. We picked 5 popular snacks for Buyandship members. No matter you are looking for delicious, healthy, large packaging, or exquisite gift boxes suitable for gifts, you may find what you need here~

【No.1 Selling】Lucky Mixed Nuts

Contains 4 Nuts: Roasted, rich and crisp almonds, no added raw walnuts, toasted cashews for sweetness, and full-bodied half-cut macadamia; What’s more, there are plainer, no added and savoury salt 2 options.

Rakuten Price:SGD15(JPY1,599)

Konomimi – Selectable Luxury Mixed Nuts

For those looking for a healthier with a convenient way to enjoy the nuts, this small individual package of mixed nuts – 3 options with 4 – 6 nuts: American pecans, American shellless pistachios, Azerbaijani hazelnuts, California Almonds, Indian and Vietnamese cashews, and macadamia nuts

Rakuten PriceSGD13(JPY1,380)

YOKU MOKU – Cinq Delices

There are 5 flavours: Original Cigar Egg Roll, Double Chocolate Filled Cookies, Double White Chocolate Filled Cookies, Almond Cookies, and Maca Nut Cookies. They are crunchy, fragrant, sweet and delicious and come with beautiful packaging. The box and the independent packaging inside are suitable for gifting and personal use~

Rakuten PriceSGD21(JPY2,160)

Tamachan Shop – Almond Dried Fish (200 g)

Each pack (100 g) contains about 800mg of calcium and nutrients that are beneficial to the human body, such as protein and dietary fibre. You can keep healthy when enjoying snacks. There are 19 different flavours with different Japanese ingredients.

Rakuten PriceSGD4(JPY480)

Mochikichi – Assorted Rice Crackers

Made with local Japanese rice and natural mountain water in Fukuoka, there are 10 different flavours of rice crackers, which are thick, crunchy, and delicious. No need to worry about you will feed up with eating the same flavour. With exquisite packaging, it is suitable for gifting and personal use~

Rakuten PriceSGD12(JPY1,296)