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Get better-looking, better-value yoga clothing from now on! A must-see collection of Lululemon’s official website in 3 popular regions~

14th September 2022

Lululemon, a yoga and exercise apparel company, promote products as stepping stones to an active and enjoyable lifestyle. People are even sporting the company’s products as fashion apparel, not just for exercise. Lululemon has official websites in different regions. Canada, Australia, and Japan are the most popular regions among all. If you want to shop online on Lululemon for the first time but have no clue to start. Don’t worry. We have prepared a comparison of online shopping in different regions. If you are interested, let’s check out now!

Activities Comparison

Well-loved items Yoga pants are designed for different needs. The series sold on the official website of different products are also differentThe official Canadian website has a total of 8, and only the Japanese official website provides “Asia Fit” yoga pants. You can check out different regional official websites according to your needs.

【Designed for Yoga】
Base Pace
【Designed for Running 】
Fast and Free
【Designed for Running】
【Designed for Yoga】
【Designed for Training】
Swift Speed
【Designed for Running】
Wunder Train
【Designed for Training】
Wunder Under
【Designed for Yoga】
Asia Fit
【Designed for Asians】
The total number of products14097119

Price Comparison

To take Align – 「High-Rise Pant 25″」as a example:

Canada Price:CAD98 – 128 (SGD104 – 136)

Australia Price: AUD94 – 119 (SGD88 – 112)

Japan Price:JPY10,200 – 12,800 (SGD99 – 125)【Price depends on different colours】

To take Wunder Train -「High-Rise Tight with Pockets 25″」as a example:

Canada Price:CAD138 (SGD147)

Australia Price: AUD139 (SGD131)

Japan Price:JPY16,800 (SGD164)

💬 Summary: The pricing of different products on the official website of each region is different. Members who want to buy their favourite members in the most cost-effective way can go to the official websites of different regions to compare the prices before purchasing.

Discounted Products Comparison

Lululemon’s official website in different regions has special price areas. In terms of quantity: Canada’s official website has a total of 629 discount products. Australia’s official website has 213 models. Japan’s official website has 296 models.

Online shopping tips: If you are a new user, you may don’t know how to find discounted products on the website! Please click on the navigation bar and find the option “We Made Too Much”, you can check out all discounted products here~