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The best collection of air purifiers for overseas online shopping!

8th September 2022

Many urbanites are affected by air pollution and suffer from severe nasal allergies. In addition, with COVID-19 can spread with the air, air purification has become very important! Buying an air purifier at home or in the office can enjoy good air quality and filter various harmful substances, even the new coronavirus, to protect everyone’s health.

Let’s check out four good value for the money of air purifiers. Just place an order on an overseas website now!


Adopts a small cylindrical structure that allows for 360° underneath suction. The integrated filter combines dust collection and deodorizing into one piece, while capturing air dirt, releasing plasmacluster ions from the vents all around. Cleans the air in small spaces and areas where air is concerned about dirt in the air.

Sise:H 33cm X W 19cm

JP Amazon discounted price:SGD97(JPY9980)


Equipped with Plasmacluster NEXT, it effectively removes 6 types of unpleasant odors in your car. It helps create a calm driving environment that makes it easier to stay focused and reduces stress. Eliminates odors by emitting Plasmacluster ions intensively for about 25 minutes.After which, it will maintain your car’s comfortable environment in the “medium” mode.Equipped with USB power supply, it can be used at home or in the office.


JP Amazon discounted priceSGD60(JPY6,180)

Leitz TruSens Z-1000 Air Purifier

360 degree filters capture ultrafine particles as small as 0.033 micron, including airborne allergens, pollen, bacteria, viruses, dust, pet dander and most odours/VOCs, allergy and anti-viral HEPA filter also available. UV-C light reduces the growth of germs and bacteria that get trapped in the filter in laboratory testing, the UV-C lamp killed over 98% of Staphylococcus aureus and Psuedomonas aeruginosa (bacteria) keeping the filters free from germs and bacteria.

Size:‎20 x 20 x 46cm

UK Amazon discounted price: SGD99(GBP61.31)

LEVOIT Vista200

True H13 HEPA Filtration: Only true H13 HEPA takes efficiency. With 3-Stage filteration, our air filter removes 99. 97% of airborne particles as small as 0. 3 microns.Help with releasing allergy symptom

Size:‎20 x 20 x 33cm

UK Amazon discounted price: SGD108(GBP67.39)