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A collection of 4 popular Japanese women’s clothing brands! Buy good value for the money overseas of clothes now~

6th September 2022

Due to the Yen falling and Rakuten offering a lot of sale campaigns, now is the best time to shop online in Japan! Japanese brand clothing is well known for good quality and affordable price. Whether you want to buy shirts for the workplace or casual clothes, they are all good value for the money. Let’s check out 4 recommended Japanese-brand clothing and online shopping now! 

earth music & ecology

earth music & ecology are used to add leisure, trendy and sweet elements to clothes. With high-quality clothing quality and affordable prices, earth music & ecology has become the most popular women’s clothing brand in Japan.


GLOBAL WORK is a popular clothing brand in Japan. Its natural, comfortable, and environmentally friendly clothes are now all the rage. For women who like Japanese style, GLOBAL WORK’s must be suitable for you!


The famous trendy brand BEAMS has been established for more than 40 years. The brand has been leading and influencing the Japanese fashion industry. In addition to men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, there are also records, home accessories, toys, stationery, etc., creating a trendy lifestyle in Tokyo.


URBAN RESEARCH ROSSO emphasizes the use of materials and its own original products, to apply the concept of “SHOW WINDOW” to the brand. URBAN RESEARCH ROSSO hopes that the clothing apart from being worn on the body, people also can feel the attractive fashion taste at a glance.