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Buyandship’s Japan and South Korea Top 20 Online Shopping Sites

16th August 2022

Whether you’re an Anime fan or a K-Pop fan, Buyandship allows you to shop abroad and have your overseas goods delivered straight to your home in the Philippines. Case in point: Japan and South Korea! Our team compiled the top 20 Japan and Korean sites Buyandship members love. Experience their culture in the comfort of your own home with BNS!

Buyandship Japan and South Korea Top 20 Sites

🇯🇵 Japan 

  1. Amazon Japan | One of Japan’s top department store
  2. Rakuten | One of Japan’s leading electronic commerce & online retailing company
  3. Mercari | Shop one-of-a-kind treasures and all of your favorite brands
  4. Crocs Japan | Footwear brand, Crocs, official online store in Japan
  5. Line Friends | Select Line Friends Character Sale Up to 50% OFF + Free Shipping
  6. Hobonichi 1101 Department Store | Japan-based lifestyle department brand
  7. Zara Japan | Fast-fashion retailer known for setting the latest apparel trends
  8. Stella Worth | Otome Game Wonderland for Women!
  9. CD Japan | Discount on Select J-Pop, eBook, Hobbies, and More!
  10. Universal Music | Japanese subsidiary of the Universal Music Group
  11. Uniqlo | Casualwear Giant Worldwide
  12. Animate Online Shop | Action Figures, Anime, DVDs, CDs, Blu-Rays, and More!
  13. GoCart | Japan streetwear department store
  14. Buyee | Largest proxy shopping service in Japan
  15. Muji | Lifestyle and Household Minimalist Retailer
  16. Gu-Global | Japanese discount casual wear designer and retailer
  17. Delfonics | Stationery Store Since 1988
  18. Nijisanji | Official Merch Shop of this Virtual YouTuber Agency
  19. WeVerse | Official Fan Club and Merchandise Store of BTS, Enhypen, BlackPink, TXT, etc.
  20. Booth PM | Indie Art Marketplace in Japan!

🇰🇷 South Korea

  1. WeVerse | Official Fan Club and Merchandise Store of BTS, Enhypen, BlackPink, TXT, etc.
  2. GMarket | Korean No.1 Shopping online destination
  3. KTown4u | One of the biggest K-Pop, K-Goods, K-Beauty, & everything Korean store
  4. Aladin | Korean bookstore that sells a wide variety of Books/CDs/DVDs/ More!
  5. Thence | Stationery, Posters, Interior Decorations, and More!
  6. Mofun Store | Games, Animations, Cartoons, and Novels Korean Merch Store!
  7. Musinsa | Leading fashion department store in South Korea
  8. FNC Store | Official Merch shop of FNC Entertainment
  9. SM Town Store | Official Merch shop of SM Entertainment
  10. Make Star | Global online store for All K-POP/K-Drama items
  11. Popcone | Best Games and Board Game niche store in Korea!
  12. 0Fuse | Trending Fashion Korean Accessories
  13. Domba Footwear | Leading Footwear Brand in South Korea
  14. Bunjang | One of the most popular reselling platforms in Korea
  15. Wonderwall | Online art learning platform with multiple artists and brand partnerships
  16. T1 Shop | Korea’s esports team, T1, Official Jersey, and Merchandise Shop
  17. Yudaeng | 6Ring Planners, Stickers & DIY, Stationery, Pencil Cases & Pouches, and More!
  18. Aneuf | Trending Korean Fashion and Hair Accessories
  19. Ninimal | Obitsu Doll Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories Shop
  20. 11st Korea | Leading Department Store in South Korea