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Rakuten Japan: FujiHoro Japanese Kitchenware choice~

18th July 2022

Rakuten is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in Japan. FujiHoro is a well-known and widely-used kitchenwares in Japan household. All products are made of Japanese-made enamel materials. The kitchenwares are suitable for IH cookers as well as gas fires. It is made of enamel that can be used hygienically and suppresses discoloration of ingredients, also do not stained the kitchenwares. You can find all series of FujiHoro products in Rakuten!

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FujiHoro 27cm All-in-One

Deep -type two-handed pot with a slatted board. It is a multifunctional all-purpose pot that is convenient to have one that can handle all kinds of cooking with a generous size. Other than the lid, it is also compatible with dishwashers.

Not selling in Singapore

Japan Price:SGD66.64(JPY6,600)

FujiHoro Cotton Series 16cm Saucepan

Useful for making miso soup, soup, and sauce on a daily basis. The Scandinavian design is popular for its wooden handles and pale coloring.

Not selling in Singapore

Japan Price:SGD39.88(JPY3,850)

FujiHoro Cotton Series 1.6L Whistle Blowing Kettle

Informs you of boiling water with a whistle. It features a simple Scandinavian style form.

Not selling in Singapore

Japan Price:SGD55.53(JPY5,500)

FujiHoro Cotton series 18 cm casserole

Useful for stewed dishes such as stew and hotpot. The Scandinavian design is popular for its wooden knobs and pale colouring.

Not selling in Singapore

Japan Price:SGD42.2(JPY4,180)

FujiHoro Filt series 1.0L oil pot

Cleanly filters the oil used in fried foods with a double stainless steel filter. Slim and compact, it can be easily used in the kitchen and can be placed in a small space.

Not selling in Singapore

Japan Price:SGD39.98(JPY3,960)

Note:Price and quantity may change depends on sales, the website details shall prevail.