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mini matters X TKK: Summer 2022 Fast Food Lab

15th July 2022

“Small but Important” is the idea from the founder of mini matters, Meg. We should be aware and appreciate every small thing in our daily life. Mini matters always feat with different brands like “coen” and “a saving company’. This time, mini matters works with Taiwan famous fast food brand TKK, showing the diversity of mini matters and its partner.

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Sweet potato fries Tee (幾兩重地瓜薯條T)

Sweet potato print, black, white and purple colour.

Not selling in Singapore

Taiwan Price:SGD50.8(NT1080)

TKK Star Tee (頂呱呱明星T)

TKK top 3 fast food print, black and yellow colour.

Not selling in Singapore

Taiwan Price:SGD50.89(NT1080)

Heart-shaker Knit Sweater (洞心時刻針織衫)

Knit beige-orange-blue colour design, also with black-red-purple design.

Not selling in Singapore

Taiwan Price:SGD69.62(NT1480)

Invincible Chicken Wings Contrast Colour Baseball Cap (無敵雞翅撞色棒球帽)

Chicken wings crunchy stitch, blue and khaki colour.

Not selling in Singapore

Taiwan Price:SGD41.4(NT880)

Kraft paper bag (外帶紙袋小包)

Kraft texture design, get it for free if your order over NT3000.

Not selling in Singapore

Taiwan Price:SGD27.28(NT580)

Note:Price and quantity may change depends on sales, the website details shall prevail.