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Amazon Prime Day 2022 Starting Time List & Free Prime Membership Tutorial!

5th July 2022
How to shop Amazon Prime Day Deals And Ship To Singapore?

Amazon Prime Day is coming soon! It is the biggest sales for Amazon Prime member on global Amazon website! Amazon Prime Day 2022 will start from 12 July to 13 July. Amazon Prime will provide specific deals in different regions’ websites. Wanna get the HOTTEST deals during this annual event? Mark the start time of different regions on your calendar!

If you are new to Amazon Prime, you may register to get a 30-day free trial for the first registration. Join the Amazon Prime Day and enjoy the special deals! After crushing it on the sales day, do not forget to unsubscribe from the Prime membership, or you will be charged after the free trial ends! Tutorial is provided below!

Start and End Time of Global Amazon Prime Day

Do not miss out any HOTTEST deals!
Here are the Start and End Time of the exact launch time of Prime Day in different regions:

US Amazon

◆Singapore Time: 12 July 15:00 – 14 July 14:59

UK Amazon

Singapore Time: 12 July 07:00 – 14 July 06:59

Japan Amazon

Singapore Time: 11 July 23:00 – 13 July 22:59

Australia Amazon

Singapore Time: 11 July 21:00 – 13 July 20:59

Italy Amazon

Singapore Time: 12 July 06:00 – 14 July 05:59

Canada Amazon

Singapore Time: 12 July 12:00 – 14 July 11:59

Registration Tutorial

Amazon Prime Tutorial: Create Account

Step 2:Login or create your Amazon account. Remember to fill in the membership details if it is your first registration.

Amazon Prime Tutorial: Add Payment

Step 3:Fill in the credit card details for first purchase. Add the correct Buyandship warehouse address in the Billing Address page. If you filled in the above details before, just click ‘Start My Free Trial‘ for enjoying the prime membership discount.

Amazon Prime Tutorial: Start 30-Days Trial

Step 4:You only get 30 days free trial, or you will be charged after the free trial ends. Remember to unsubscribe from the Prime membership after 30 days.

Unsubscription Tutorial

Step 1:Login to your Amazon account, enter the prime page and click ‘End membership‘ for cancelling the prime membership.

Step 2:Amazon will try to stop you from unsubscription, just click ‘I Do Not Want Benefits’ firmly.

Step 3:Keep clicking ‘Cancel Membership and End benefits’.

Step 4:After the unsubscription, Prime membership discount will still last for 30 days from the date it started, the end of discount date will show in the red box. You can still enjoy the discount within that period!