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Kappa on discount! It’s time to get yourself a pair of leggings with the signature logo. (Full tutorial inside)

4th April 2022

It has become a trend for major sports brands to use their logo as monograms and use it in their design to get a nostalgic touch. 

You must have heard of Kappa for its famous signature logo. The logo appeared as the silhouette of a man and woman leaning against each other, and this is the most well-known version. Kappa’s most representative sports pant has embroidered the brand logo on both sides. Vintage yet eye-catching. If you are into retro street style, you must shop from Kappa. 

More than 200 items are on sale from Kappa on Zappos. Most of them are not available in Malaysia. Check it out now!

Kappa Authentic Kalisz

A Black cropped top from the Kappa Love collection makes your legs look longer. This top features a classic logo graphic on the front and is made with 100% cotton. 

US Price:SGD37.97(USD27.99)

Kappa Logo Zavrok

The essential hoodie in navy with the signature logo is outlined in white. It’s easy for everyday mix and match. 

US Price:SGD88.16(USD64.99)

Kappa 222 Banda Cartin

Athletic short is a trendy piece of fashion these days. The cropped athletic shorts are suitable for everyday wear or sports. It features Kappa’s signature logo embroidered on both sides of the shorts.  

US Price:SGD71.88(USD52.99)

Kappa 222 Banda Aster 1

Sandals are a must-have for summer! Kappa’s signature logo is on both straps, and the straps are adjustable, enabling you to adjust according to your feet’ size. 

US Price:SGD81.38(USD59.99)

Note: Items price/quantity etc., may change accordingly, and all of them shall prevail on their website.

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Step 4:After completing the registration, you can choose whether to become a Zappos VIP and receive Zappos discount email messages depending on your needs, and now you are free to go shopping!

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Step 3:

Open the “Overseas Warehouse Address” on the Buyandship website and choose “United States,” then copy the information of Buyandship’s US warehouse and fill in the appropriate columns, click “SHIP TO THIS ADDRESS” after completion. *If you need to use the discount code, remember to enter the code at this step! 

Step 4:Enter your credit card information and save it for your next purchase~

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Reminder: Remember to declare the parcels on Buyandship website after the order are shipped!