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Enjoy your Tea Time with Japanese Heart-Shaped Lemon Black Tea

10th August 2021

Imagine drinking a cup of hot tea with lemon floating on top, but it comes from a tea pack. Save your time from buying and cutting lemons because these tea packs come with dried lemon in every single pack. Not only that, these lemons are heart-shaped!

Known for their seasonings for over 100 years, Mitsuura has decided to establish new products to cater to younger markets. Therefore, they developed these innovative Floating Lemon Tea and won many modern design awards. With their locally-sourced tea and thinly sliced dried lemon, it has successfully captured many people’s interest. Starting from green and jasmine tea base, it has now heart-shaped black tea and cold brew tea. Your tea tasting experience is getting even better!

There are 3 varieties of the FLT Lemon Hearts Series:

  • Miyazaki Gokase Black Tea [Green]
    Organic black tea grown in the highlands at an altitude of 1,000m. It has soft and less astringent taste.
  • Izumo Black Tea [Red]
    A blend of Benifuuki, a hybrid of Darjeeling. This tea has mellow taste with strong aroma.
  • Tsukigase Black Tea [White]
    This black tea is grown in the mountains of Nara Prefecture. With the refreshing, smooth, and fragrant aroma, this tea is perfect to pair with lemon.

Each box contains 3 tea bags, and costs around SG$13.29 (¥1,080) per box. If you wish to try all three different flavours or send it as a gift to a tea lover, they have a gift box that costs around SG$43.85 (¥3,564), slightly more expensive than buying three boxes in bulk.

🔗 Shop Mitsuura’s FLT Lemon Heart Series here: https://bns.is/3g3CWyr