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Disney Japan Launched The Little Mermaid Bathroom Collection

7th July 2021

Attention Ariel fans! Disney Japan has recently launched a series of beautiful and endearing bathroom accessories inspired by the Little Mermaid. The elegant and exquisite designs will definitely elevate your bathroom, leaving you (and your guests) in awe. So get your wallet ready as we are about to show you some of their merchandises.

The Little Mermaid Accessory Case

The Little Mermaid accessory case Ariel's Bathroom

The Little Mermaid accessory case Ariel's Bathroom

A perfect case to store your favourite accessories. Inspired by Ariel’s tail fin, the combination of pink shell and blue fin base with pearls and golden starfish will be a cute storage and decoration for your room.

Material: Resin

Price: ¥ 2,200 (SG$ 26)

Shop Here: https://bns.is/3qYwdKk

Flounder Accessory Tray

Flounder Accessory Tray Ariel's Bathroom Flounder Accessory Tray Ariel's Bathroom

An elegant golden accessory tray with marble textured on the surface. To make it even better, it has our favourite little mermaid’s companion, Flounder, and two shiny pearls on it.

Price: ¥ 2,640 (SG$ 32)

Shop Here: https://bns.is/3wqQTeW

Pink Shell Soap Dispenser

Ariel & Flounder Soap Dispenser Shell Ariel's Bathroom

This pink shell-shaped dispenser with golden pump can easily add a touch of elegance in your room. An Ariel and Flounder art is printed on top. Use this gorgeous dispenser load your chosen soap or hand sanitiser.

Material: Porcelain (body) / Polypropylene (pump)

Price: ¥ 2,200 (SG$ 26)

Shop Here: https://bns.is/3dNaIqw

Transparent Soap Dispenser

Ariel & Flounder Dispenser Ariel's BathroomAriel Dispenser Ariel's Bathroom

This clear liquid soap dispenser is available in 2 colours. The pink transparent one with Ariel and Flounder printed on top, while the blue transparent one with Ariel’s signature pose. You pair this two up will create an elegant touch in your bathroom (sell separately).

Material: Methacryl Styrene (body) / Polypropylene (pump) / Polyethylene (straw) / Silicone Rubber (packing body)

Price: ¥ 1,760 (SG$ 21.45)

Shop Here: https://bns.is/3qSQd0B (pink) / https://bns.is/3jQCPIU (blue)

Aromatherapy Gel Lamp

Ariel & Flounder Fragrance Gel Light Ariel's Bathroom

Ariel & Flounder Fragrance Gel Light Ariel's Bathroom

A transparent glass with Ariel and Flounder printed on top. Varieties of small shells, pearls and stones are covered with transparent aromatherapy gel to assemble a mini ocean. The light switch is placed at the bottom of the glass. The faint scent of the ocean will create a relaxing and serenity mood in your room.

Material: Paraffin Wax / Fragrance / Glass

Price: ¥ 3,300 (SG$ 40)

Shop Here: https://bns.is/3xoQUBk

Coral-Shaped Mirror

The Little Mermaid Mirror Ariel's BathroomThe Little Mermaid Mirror Ariel's Bathroom

An enchanting white coral mirror is what you need to create an under the sea vibe. The soft touch of shells and coral with Ariel’s silhouette printed at the bottom, is great to hang or place it on your table.

Material: Resin / Glass (mirror)

Price: ¥ 4,620 (SG$ 56.30)

Shop Here: https://bns.is/3yulBFn

Warm Reminder:
Please keep in mind that some products are made out of glass or any other fragile materials, which may be broken during transportation. Please consider the risk before buying!