(Updated on Apr 23) 【Service Announcement】Warehouse Service Arrangement in April

Warehouse Service Arrangement in April

Due to the public holidays in April, our overseas warehouses will be closed on the following dates. Our warehouses will not receive or send out parcels, nor will our warehouses update any shipment status during the closure.

The warehouse arrangement is as follows.

Warehouse Arrangement
Closed on April 2nd (FRI)
Closed from April 2nd to 5th (FRI to MON)
Australia Closed on April 2nd to 5th (FRI to MON) &
April 26th (MON)
Hong Kong Closed from April 2nd to 6th (FRI to TUE)
Closed from April 3rd to 5th (SAT to MON) &
April 30th (FRI)
Italy Closed on April 5th (MON)
Thailand Closed on April 6th (TUE) &
from April 12th to 15th (MON to THU)
Japan Closed on April 29th (THU)
Operate as usual

Thank you for supporting us. Happy Holidays!