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US Warehouse Bans Protective Equipment Export

14th April 2020
Warehouse Service Status


Due to the rapidly spreading coronavirus, US Government has temporarily restricted the export of protective equipment. From now on, our US warehouse will not export any protective equipment, including face masks, respirator filters/ cartridges, medical gloves and gowns, etc.

Please do NOT purchase and send the prohibited items. If you have already placed an order of the above-mentioned goods in the US, please contact with your seller immediately for the cancellation of orders, parcel return services or refund.

If any prohibited item is found in your shipment, we will send you an email regarding the follow-up action of problematic shipments in line with our normal practice. In order to facilitate you to arrange the parcel return, parcels can be temporarily stored in the warehouse for one month at most. Please note that any overdue parcels will be discarded.

When you return your parcels, you can only return them in whole as parcels can not be split for further processing. For any parcel without a return label, members have to directly purchase the label from his or her courier.

You are advised to contact us earlier if you require a longer storage time for arranging the parcel return of your goods.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.