How to Shop on eBay and Ship to Singapore?

eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces for buying and trading all kinds of products. More than 100 million online shoppers around the world shop on eBay just because you can find whatever you want (YES – even for rare, collectible cards or watches) and most importantly, price could be much cheaper!

However, the problem is, you may have to deal with individual sellers. Some of them are willing to ship to Singapore, but most of them don’t. Why? It is not just because of the shipping fee, but they also want to avoid handling shipping documents. Shipping things outside U.S. is much more complicated.

This is where Buyandship comes in. You can shop on eBay and ship with us!

Here we’ll guide you how to sign up and shop on eBay!

How to Become a Member of eBay

Step 1
Navigate to eBay’s US website

Click on the register link in the top-left corner of the page.

Step 2
Register as a New eBay Member
Login with your Facebook or Google account, or enter your name, email, and set a password to complete the registration.

Step 3
After the registration, please change the region to Singapore.
Move the cursor to the upper left corner, and click Account settings.

Step 4
Click “Addresses”.

Step 5
Find “Registration address, email and phone number” and click “Edit” to change your country to Singapore.

Step 6
Sign in again to verify your account.

Step 7
Fill in your info and change “Country or region” to Singapore. After completing the form, click “Update”.

Step 8
Move the cursor to the upper left corner, and click your user ID. Once you see the region showing “Singapore”, you can start shopping on eBay.

How to Shop on eBay?

Step 1
Discover What You Love from Millions of Listings
Make use of the search function to find the product you want. Unlike Amazon, there are 3 ways to purchase an item:
💡 Click “Add to Cart” to continue shopping, or select “Buy It Now” to purchase the item immediately;
💡 Sometimes there is a “Make Offer” button. This means if you believe the “Buy It Now” price doesn’t meet your budget, you can propose a price to the seller. The seller has the right to make a “Counter-offer”, or simply reject it.
💡 For the auction, you can submit a bid for the item. Bid usually goes fast in the last minute, so make sure you have added the item to your “Watchlist”, and keep watching the product page to ensure you are not getting outbid!

Looking for inspiration? Check out eBay’s Daily Deals or eBay’s Under $10!

Step 2
Send Item to Buyandship’s US Warehouse
Once you’re ready to checkout, enter Buyandship’s US warehouse address and your user ID as the receiving address.

Step 3
Once you have confirmed your shipping information, go to checkout to pay with a credit card or PayPal.

Step 4

Sit back and bask in your glory!
Remember to declare your parcels once you have received your parcel tracking number.