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Buyandship Shopping Guide: Bath & Body Works

20th March 2020

If you love a quality me-time to separate yourself from life’s everyday stressors and have some precious DIY home spa, you would definitely enjoy Bath & Body Works! For over 20 years, they have created the joy of scents that can turn you on and make you smile!

Whether you’re shopping for some body care or bath accessories, they have tons of quality products ideal for treating yourself or someone else like your partner as they also offer men’s body care and other products as well! 

Check out these Buyandship’s Top Picks from Bath and Body Works that can make a happy-memory-making experience for you while discovering your “something special”.

Disclaimer: Make sure to adhere to Buyandship’s shipping restrictions. We are unable to ship products that contain alcohol (e.g. hand sanitiser) and products that are in spray containers. Each item should NOT contain more than 100 ml, with each shipment to NOT contain more than three (3) 100 ml items. Read more on that here.



Bath and shower

  • A great shower routine starts with a super-luxe moisturizing body wash or bubbly shower gel. BBW’s body wash refreshes, cleans and gets you ready for the day!
  • Light, silky and super moisturizing, it’s hard for you to not fall in love with them! Ranging from iconic staples to seasonal goodies, there’s always a scent for you.
  • Ocean breezy? Check. Fragrant fall spices? Check, check. Fresh flowers and spring water? Yes. Cosy winter scents? Crazy Christmassy? Absolutely. Even some retired scents pop up from time-to-time. It’s a win-win.
  1. Shower gels: GINGHAM Shower Gel, BALI BLACK COCONUT SANDS Shower Gel and BORA BORA CITRUS SURF Shower Gel
  2. Body bars: EUCALYPTUS SPEARMINT Body Bar and MENTHA Exfoliating Bar Soap


  • Everyone knows that moisturizing your skin is important, but do you know why? The obvious answer is that your skin including your hand, lips, face and body can get dry regardless of any age. 
  • Moisturising can reduce the chances of skin problems and help maintain its balance to maintain a glowing, vibrant complexion which will help you to remain free from fine lines and wrinkles well on into your later years.
  • Shop for the best range of moisturiser for your skin from BBW to help keep your skin healthy and looking at its best.
  1. Lip products: LEMON Lip Balm, Classic Nude Nourishing Lip Tint and SUGAR ROSE Exfoliating Lip Scrub
  2. Hand Care: Rose Water Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Hand Cream
  3. Body Cream and Lotion: Waikiki Beach Coconut Body Cream and A THOUSAND WISHES Body Lotion

Bath Accessories

  • The best part about it is that a few simple accessories can transform the whole look and feel of your bathroom. They also don’t necessarily have to break the bank, and you can do your entire bathroom overhaul with us!
  • We have listed some perfect accessories for those who love to travel along with their body care essentials or indulge in a spa-like bath. Check out all of these bathroom essentials from BBW!
  1. Bath Accessories:  Mermaid Tail Loofah, Pineapple Bath Sponge, Blue Bath Brush, Mermaid Cosmetic Bags, Gray Men’s Travel Toiletry Bag, METALLIC HEXAGON 3 wick Candle Holder 


  • Look no further: the secret to smelling and looking great is right here. BBW’S men’s body care is perfect for each step in your skincare routine – from the shower to shave and beyond.
  • A great skincare routine starts in the shower – with BBW’S 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash. Their robust, yet gentle, the blend has nourishing shea butter, soothing aloe vera and hydrating vitamin E to clean and moisturize both your body and hair. 
  • Lock in moisture with a super-fluffy body cream or a super-smooth body lotion. For 24 hours of moisture, grab a bottle of Bath & Body Works body cream.
  1. Shower gels and shampoos: OCEAN 2-in-1 Hair + Body Wash, ATLANTIC 3-in-1 Hair Face & Body Wash
  2. Body Lotion: GRAPHITE Body Lotion

lightbulb-03Bath & Body Works offers a US$5.99 flat-rate standard delivery. Be sure to use Buyandship’s overseas warehouse address for access to affordable international shipping. From there, you can send your haul to your doorstep via our forwarding service, which is only S$5 per lbs!