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Price Comparison: Vray Portable UV Steriliser

13th March 2020

You may be shocked by how many harmful bacteria and germs live on your belongings, even if your living environment is clean. These microorganisms are hard to detect by the human eye. You don’t have to waste hours in sterilising your belongings by using the Vray Portable UV Steriliser! Its UV rays’ germicidal effect is capable of eradicating up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs. Each sterilisation session takes only 5 seconds to decontaminate the objects and surfaces.

Protect your home from any invisible dangers with the Vray Portable UV Steriliser. The device retails for S$369 in Singapore, which is pretty hefty. Instead, grab one for KRW 210,000 from Gmarket. Even with Buyandship’s forwarding fees from Korea to Malaysia/Singapore, you can own this device for only S$254 — a fraction of the price than buying locally!