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Price Comparison: Garmin Dash Cam Mini

14th February 2020

Garmin Dash Cam Mini is an ultra-compact dash cam that automatically records video footage as you drive. However, instead of sticking out on your windshield, this one is tiny. So tiny to the extent that people won’t even notice it’s there! With the size as small as a key fob, the Garmin Dash Cam Mini disappears on the windshield. And nope, you won’t be hearing your man nagging and mumbling about how his car accessories are cluttering his view or anything!

Instead of paying S$199 for this device in Singapore, you can get it for as low as $89.99 (~S$125) on eBay US! Trust Buyandship to send your dashcam securely to your doorstep using our US warehouse address. With Buyandship’s forwarding service, you could only pay S$130 for the Garmin, which is still a great deal compared to buying it locally!