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Price Comparison: Shopping Online versus In-Store

3rd February 2020

Shopping online has given us a lot of conveniences; you don’t need to change out of your pyjamas or get out of your house to purchase something! You don’t even need to lug all your purchases around either.😝

But there are going some instances where you’ll find yourself going in-store to check out certain items in person. This is something team Buyandship Singapore does from time to time. We will go to physical stores to check out what’s on display and see local pricing. 🤫


Here’s our pro tip for all you avid shoppers:

  1.  When you’re shopping in-person, take some time to do your research on-the-go! This will help you reduce impulse purchases, as well as save money!
  2. Simply take note of the product details and its local price…and look for alternatives online! Very often you can find better deals online as compared to in-store, especially when you’re looking at overseas online stores.
  3. Check if the overseas online store offers free domestic shipping to any of Buyandship’s warehouses. This way, you’ll only need to pay our forwarding fees of S$5/lbs to Singapore!

Don’t believe us? Here are some Price Comparisons we’ve done recently that pits together local vs overseas! You can get savings up to 67% off, even with Buyandship’s shipping charges included. How amazing is that?