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Buyandship Top Picks: Amazon Japan Fukubukuro/Lucky Bags

27th December 2019

Fukubukuro or Lucky Bag is a Japanese New Year custom where stores and merchants make grab bags or mystery bags filled with random contents. Oftentimes, the contents are worth more than what you’re paying for. This year, Amazon Japan has stepped up its Fukubukuro/Lucky Bag game with an extensive list of brands, covering both Japanese and international brands like Coach, FILA, Michael Kors, Puma and more. To help you get started, Buyandship has curated our favourite 2020 Fukubukuro offerings from Amazon Japan!

While Amazon Japan does offer direct shipping to Singapore, not all Fukubukuro can be shipped out of Japan. Don’t worry, you can count on Buyandship to bring your lucky bags home for an affordable fee of S$5/lbs via our Japan warehouse! Many the luck be with you and happy shopping.

Graniph Unisex Lucky Bag | Price: JPY 5,500


Michael Kors Lucky Bag | Price: JPY 30,000

Coach Men’s Lucky Bag | Price: JPY 25,000

Sanrio Girls Lucky Bag | Price: JPY 5,500