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Price Comparison: Hatching Dragon by Dreamworks How To Train Your Dragon

19th December 2019

Remember the time when everyone and their mothers were obsessed with Hatchimals? Well, the hype has died down…that is until Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon has released the Hatching Dragon. Agitate baby Toothless enough until he’s ready to hatch. You can even teach baby Toothless to fly and more! You may not get it in time for Christmas, but the kids definitely won’t mind getting one for their upcoming birthdays.

This baby right here will cost you S$149.99 in Singapore. Before you pick up a more affordable toy, the Hatching Dragon by Dreamworks How To Train Your Dragon is now only US$49.99 (S$68) on eBay US! Don’t forget to take advantage of Buyandship’s partnership with eBay Hong Kong, where eligible Buyandship members can get up to 2lbs (S$10 worth) of free shipping for their eBay purchases. Even with an estimated shipping weight of 2lbs shipping credits + 1lbs, you may only need to pay a total of S$73 to bring this baby home!