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Buyandship Top Picks: Drop New Arrivals for Audiophiles

10th December 2019

Drop is more than just a platform; it is a company that believes in designing products differently. While exploring Drop, you’ll find a variety of interesting products catered towards different interests and has been curated by the platform’s respective communities. One of its biggest communities is geared towards audiophiles. In our latest Buyandship Top Picks, we’re featuring New Arrivals for Audio Products on Drop.

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Echobox Nomad N1 IEM | US$250 US$80

The N1 is the flagship in-ear monitor from Echobox, a company known for delivering excellent value in products like the Finder X1. Designed for gaming and music enjoyment, this IEM has solid titanium housings for best-in-class durability and Comply ear tips for top-notch noise isolation.

BLON BL-03 IEM | US$39 US$28

BLON has established itself as one of the industry’s premier audio brands, building products that are both high-performing and affordable. Newest in the BLON product line is the BL-03, an IEM outfitted with a 10-millimetre dynamic driver to deliver powerful, precise sound for all types of audio.

BLON B20 Planar Magnetic HeadphonesUS$450 US$350

Treat your ears to a rich soundstage and a distinctly retro feel with the all-new BLON B20 Planar Magnetic Headphones. The B20’s audio cavity, which is made from real wood, delivers vivid acoustics while sitting over the entire ear. Together with an open-back structure and full-size planar magnetic drivers, this design creates an expansive sound stage with expressive articulation and low impedance.

Echobox Explorer Digital Audio Player | US$350 US$99

A portable digital audio player that looks like a flask, the Echobox Explorer fits comfortably in your pocket for easy use on the go. It’s handcrafted from your choice of wood types and equipped with the highest specs, including the highly regarded TI Burr-Brown 1792 DAC and a powerful 300mW amplifier.

Tin Audio T3 IEM | US$70 US$57

Tin Audio has earned a lot of praise from audio enthusiasts for its T2 and T2 Pro: two IEMs whose sound and build quality punch well above their price. A continuation of this series, the T3 promises more of the same, with dual drivers (one 10-millimetre dynamic and one Knowles balanced armature) and an upgraded 5N eight-core oxygen-free-copper-plated silver cable.

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