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Buyandship Top Picks: Budget Audio Products on Drop

27th October 2019

Drop is more than just a platform; it is a company that believes in designing products differently. What makes it so unique is that Drop taps into data and insights from its users and apply them to its curated product selection and exclusive designs.

While exploring Dropyou’ll find a variety of interesting products at various price points. That said, a great product doesn’t always mean it has to be over the top or expensive. In our latest Buyandship Top Picks, we’ve curated a list of Budget Audio Products that still pack a punch!

Use Buyandship to ship your Drop loot to your doorstep via our US warehouse address. You’ll be able to enjoy savings on international shipping with us; our forwarding service fee is only S$5/lbs!

Echobox Audio Finder X1 IEMS | US$22

Think about everything that’s ever bugged you about earphones: They tangle, they break, they fall out, they don’t sound good. Now throw all of that out the window. There’s a better earphone out there, one specifically engineered to address those common pain points: the Echobox Audio Finder X1.

Drop + Koss GMR-54X-ISO Gaming Headset | US$50

Hear your favourite games and tracks like never before with the Drop + Koss GMR-54X-ISO gaming headset. Based on a popular Koss headset, the GMR-54X-ISO pairs a closed-back design with custom-engineered acoustics for truly immersive 3D sound.

TFZ S2 Pro IEM | US$39

From TFZ, one of the industry’s top names in portable audio, comes the S2 Pro: an IEM equipped with state-of-the-art drivers and 2-way crossover technology.

Massdrop X Koss Porta Pro X Headphones | US$25

Koss has continued to bring listeners closer to the music they love, and among their most popular releases was 1984’s Porta Pro. And now, it’s getting an update in the Massdrop x Koss Porta Pro X: more modern and more durable, with the same light, take-me-anywhere build backed by Koss’s lifetime warranty.