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Lock & Lock Hard & Light Frying Pans

10th October 2019

Lock & Lock is a Korean cookware brand known globally for its innovative kitchen products. The Hard & Light Frying Pan is a light but strong marble ceramic coating frying pan which allows customers to cook easy and use it without worries for a long period. The Frying Pan has outstanding non-stickiness from hard-anodizing special process and solid marble ceramic coating. The versatile pan can be used not only for gas stove, but also for electric stove and induction cooktop. You can now score a pair of Lock & Lock Hard & Light Frying Pans (20cm + 24cm) from Gmarket for only 19,800 won – a whopping 66% off from the usual 59,000 price tag! Shipping within Korea is free, so use our forwarding service to bring your purchase back!