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Up to 70% off Beauty Buffet Thailand

26th August 2019

Touted as the “Most Delicious Beautyshop in Town”, Thailand’s Beauty Buffet is a haven for beauty junkies who visit Bangkok. Now you don’t need to travel to Thailand to get your hands on its selection of beauty products — get your Beauty Buffet fix via Buyandship! Psstt…did you know that it’s hosting a sale of up to 70% off? Don’t miss out on the store’s epic selection.

Before you go overboard though, Buyandship does have a limitation on liquid/cream products. Each liquid/cream product must not exceed 100ml in content, and we can only ship up to two (2) 100ml liquid/cream products per shipment. We also can’t ship any form of spray/aerosol products.

Beauty Buffet does not ship internationally, so take advantage of our newly opened warehouse in Thailand. You can now get your hands on Beauty Buffet products at an affordable international shipping rate using our forwarding service!